Heydenshore Pavilion set to re-open after Whitby waterfront development falls through

WATCH: Construction of a new development on the Whitby waterfront that would have required the Heydenshore Pavilion to be demolished has fallen through. Aaron Streck reports.

A new development on the Whitby waterfront has fallen through.

A convention centre, hotel and restaurant was supposed to replace the town’s Heydenshore Pavilion.

The Heydenshore Pavillion, which was built in 1971, was set to be demolished with the construction of a new development.

The facility has been closed since the beginning of the year, but now it’s set to re-open.

“Deadlines were passed and unfortunately a number of conditions weren’t met so the transaction fell through,” said Matthew Gaskell, Whitby’s Chief Administrative Officer.

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“It’s a loss and at the same time an opportunity, because we have this opportunity now to review what we’re going to do with Heydenshore and with the property on Water Street and to make sure we’re using it for the best possible purpose for the residents,” said Gaskell.

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WATCH: Heydenshore Pavilion in Whitby set to close (December 2018)

Heydenshore Pavilion in Whitby set to close
Heydenshore Pavilion in Whitby set to close

About 130 events were held at Heydenshore each year, including the Whitby Lions Club New Year’s Eve celebration for close to five decades. While they are happy it’s re-opening, the Lions Club has already booked another venue for this year’s event.

Gaskell says with the development falling through, it also gives the town the opportunity to review its Waterfront Parks and Open Space Master Plan in the coming months to set out a 20-year vision.

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“Waterfront property comes at a premium, so we’re going to take this as an opportunity to ensure that our vision for the waterfront is accurate and that we make the best possible use for that property,” said Gaskell.

The town plans on re-opening the facility for programs and events in the coming weeks.

While they continue to explore options for a hotel and convention centre, it won’t be at Heydenshore but another location in Whitby.

You can book an event for Heydenshore on the town’s website or by contacting the town.


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