Stolen four-week-old puppies reunited with Abbotsford owners

Abbotsford police have found Jude.
Abbotsford police have found Jude. Abbotsford Police Dept.

It was a scary day for a litter of Shih Tzu puppies that were stolen from a home in Abbotsford on Tuesday morning.

Abbotsford police responded to a break and enter in the 33600 block of Wildwood Drive.

Police started their investigation that afternoon and located the puppies in Vancouver.

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Officers say they were being sold outside “an art gallery.” Police seized four of the five puppies, but a suspect grabbed a female puppy named Jude and ran off.

Police used social media to ask for the public’s assistance to help find Jude.

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Their owner started getting worried about Jude and wanted the community to know that her brothers Milo and Goose were waiting for their sister to come home.

Stolen four-week-old puppies reunited with Abbotsford owners - image
Abbotsford Police Dept.


After hours of investigation, police found Jude on Tuesday night and returned her home.

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“When we were able to return Jude home to the owners they were beyond ecstatic,” Abbotsford police Sgt. Judy Bird said.

“I’m so thankful to our whole community as well as the whole Lower Mainland for spreading the news and getting the word out there that these puppies had been stolen. Communication throughout a whole community is pretty impressive, that everyone comes together with the same goal in mind.”

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Abbotsford police say the incident is targeted and they continue to investigate and have photos of the suspects.

No arrests have been made.

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