Vehicle rollover at Dilworth and Springfield in Kelowna

Emergency crews were called to a two-vehicle accident along Dilworth Drive and Springfield Road during Tuesday morning's commute.

Two vehicles were involved in a crash that stalled traffic at Dilworth Drive and Springfield Road, shortly before 9 a.m. on Tuesday

Two people were taken to hospital.

The incident reportedly occurred when one driver attempted to turn left onto Dilworth and the other motorist hit the passenger side of the vehicle.

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“It just happened to be a t-bone,” said witness Martin McCormick. “It caused (the vehicle) to flip over on its side.”

Former firefighter Mike Lacroix witnessed the incident as well, and was quick to take action.

Lacroix said “my reaction as an old firefighter was to put (my car) in park, put my four-ways on and go do some first aid.”

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Interview with owner of damaged car in Kelowna mall accident
Interview with owner of damaged car in Kelowna mall accident

“The one that flipped over had a sore neck,” he said.

“I made sure we didn’t move her because we didn’t know if the spine was broken.”

Emergency crews fitted the driver of the rolled vehicle with a neck brace before taking both to hospital, according to Lacroix.