Vancouver police arrest suspect in middle of alleged break-and-enter

A suspect allegedly looking to break into a Vancouver home clearly didn’t have a good lookout after police caught him in the act early Friday morning.

Vancouver police said officers were patrolling the area of West 16 Avenue and Ontario Street around 2 a.m. after a resident reported suspicious activity.

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The plain-clothes officers then followed a man who was acting suspiciously to a home, where they allegedly saw him break in through the front door and take multiple items with him as he left.

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According to police, two people were sleeping inside at the time.

Police confronted the suspect as he was leaving, and he refused to surrender willingly. A police canine unit helped police arrest the man, who was then taken to hospital to be treated for a dog bite.

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Steven Henry Hall, 24, is now being held in jail and faces multiple property crime charges.

Const. Steve Addison praised the response of the officers who made the arrest.

“This is another example of the outstanding, proactive police work performed day and night by our front line officers,” Addison said.

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“The quick and decisive action of our members resulted in this arrest, and prevented irreplaceable mementos from being stolen.”

Addison also praised the resident who made the call that brought police to the area.

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