‘Big Brother Canada’: 7th evicted houseguest becomes first jury member

(L-R): Estefania Hoyos and Samantha Picco. Global TV/ Corus

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada.

This week the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) house of spies became the house of lies as the remaining agents successfully completed their top-secret mission to back-door Samantha Picco, making her the season’s first jury member by a vote of five to one.

First-time Head of Household Cory Kennedy nominated newcomers to the block Dane Rupert and Estefania Hoyos for eviction.

With tensions running high throughout the week, Anthony Douglas masterminded an ultimate plan to pull Rupert off the block and back-door Picco. In the end, Rupert won the Power of Veto — for the first time this season — and took himself off the block, sending beauty salon owner Picco up as the replacement nominee, ultimately solidifying her fate in the house.

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Credit: Global TV/ Corus.

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After an impressive win by Kennedy in this week’s HOH, Douglas seeded rumors that Kennedy’s name was being thrown out as a back-door option during Picco’s HOH reign last week.

With the new intel in play, Kennedy felt that Picco was a bigger threat to her game and put Douglas’ master plan to back-door Picco into action.

But with Kennedy, Mark Drelich, Rupert and Douglas in on the plan, the Pretty Boys alliance started to show its cracks.

With Rupert winning the POV and taking himself off the block, the East Coast showmance (Picco and Adam Pike) was at risk, triggering an explosive reaction from Pike during a fiery POV ceremony.

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The latest evictee from Big Brother Canada

But with the Pretty Boys looking out for Pike’s best interests, it was time to set up the execution and take Picco out of the equation.

Credit: Global TV / Corus.

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Global News spoke with Picco the day after her eviction and asked her about her time in the Big Brother Canada house before she heads to the jury house.

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Global News: How does it feel to be outside of the BBCAN house?
Samantha Picco: Honestly, I feel some sort of weird relief. I’m honestly sad. I wish I was back in there. I feel like I deserved to be back in there but, ultimately, being the first jury member, I’m very proud of that and I’m very proud of everything I accomplished while I was in the house. I’m proud.

What do you think happened? Who do you think came up with the idea to back-door you?
SP: My gut is telling me there is a bigger plan to get me out. I think that it was inevitable. You know, even if I had come out and totally told Cory (Kennedy) the full story right off the bat, I think Cory maybe would have found a reason to back-door me. And I think a lot of that had to do with Anthony (Douglas) and I think it was a bigger picture.

How do you feel about leaving Adam (Pike) in the house?
SP: I‘m sad to leave him. He was my person in that house, but ultimately, I think he’s going to thrive now that he doesn’t have me there as a distraction. I think he had to fight for me a little bit early on in the game to keep me there a little bit longer so now he doesn’t have to worry about that. I think he’s going to do really good.

Do you think being in a showmance targeted your game?
SP: Absolutely! I think jumping into that Day 2 just put that target right on my back right away. I think that was very clear.

Who do you hope enters the jury house next?
SP: I don’t want to see anybody that I’m close to walk in that door. I want to see Anthony (Douglas) come in there. I want to see Dane (Rupert) come in there. Although Dane and I had a great personal relationship, game-wise he’s killing it. Anthony is sitting pretty right now not having to do much of anything so I’d love to see a big player like that come in after me.

Who are you rooting for?
SP: I’m rooting for Adam (Pike), of course. I’m rooting for Kyra (Shenker). And believe it or not, I’m rooting for Dane (Rupert). I think he’s playing a great game right now. But my top two that I’m rooting for are definitely Adam and Kyra.

Who was the hardest to live with?
SP: Oh, Mark… Mark, Mark, Mark. Yeah, absolutely, Mark. Mark is a wonderful person, but I would never in a million years want to work or live with that guy.

Why’s that?
SP: I think Mark has just got a little bit of growing up to do in all senses of that phrase. I think he’s just got a lot of learning and a lot of growing to do so, ultimately, he’s not someone I’d ever want to spend any more time with than what I already have.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans before you head to the jury house?
SP: I absolutely love every single one of you. I played with my heart. I hope you guys don’t judge me too much for that but I love you all very much.

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This interview has been edited and condensed.

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