‘Big Brother Canada’: 6th evicted houseguest says ‘it’s a hard pill to swallow leaving a week before jury’

(L-R): Kiera (Kiki) Wallace and Mark Drelich. Global TV / Corus

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada.

This week’s Head of Household competition came down to a three-way tiebreaker between Samantha Picco, Dane Rupert and Estefania Hoyos.

In the end, Picco came out victorious, sending Mark Drelich and Kiera (Kiki) Wallace up on the block. After Arisa Cox dropped a major bombshell on the house about a secret room, the houseguests discovered that a secret veto was awaiting in the future.

Without knowing what powers the Blood Veto held, the house was tasked with unanimously choosing a single houseguest to receive it. With alliances taking turns left and right, the agents decided that Kyra Shenker — who vowed not to use whatever power it held — would be the (un)lucky recipient.

Kyra with the Blood Veto. (Global TV / Corus).

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After a week of mystery and paranoia, all revealed itself in Thursday night’s live eviction episode, leaving Shenker with ultimate control of the house.

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Kiera and Mark await eviction results. Corus / Global TV

Gifted with the bloodiest power in the history of Big Brother Canada — the Blood Veto — Shenker had the ability to overturn the house’s vote, which had Wallace out the door in a vote of five to one.

WATCH BELOW: Kiera Wallace on her BBCAN eviction

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Kiera Wallace on her BBCan eviction

Choosing to stay true to their word, Shenker did not use the Blood Veto terminating Wallace’s covert spy mission in the Big Brother Canada house.

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Shenker immediately went from underdog to overlord, ultimately choosing not to use the Blood Veto’s power, which sent Wallace back home to British Columbia, forcing her to narrowly miss the jury house that begins next week.

Global News’ Katie Scott and Chris Jancelewicz sat down with Wallace in Toronto the day after her eviction from the Big Brother Canada house to discuss her experience.

Katie Scott: With your nickname, Kiki, is that something people call you outside of the house? Or was that more so production because of the two Kieras in the house?
Kiera (Kiki) Wallace: Honestly, before coming into this house, only my best friend called me Kiki. Everyone else calls me Keeks, if not Kiera, so coming in here I figured if anything people will call me Keeks, but Kiki stuck and I’m OK with that.

Chris Jancelewicz: So what happened? Can you tell us what went down?
KW: OK, clearly, this whole guy alliance thing, I think everyone’s kind of had a gut feeling about it. They have been very strategic in how they spend their time together and who’s with who when. The last week that I was in the house, I noticed that every one of those guys was in a different room. Dane was in the Have Not Room, Adam was in the HOH room, Mark was in the red room and Anthony was in the blue room. So they are getting so much information from every side, every person in their own degrees and they could figure out these elaborate plans about who would be the best person to get out next. And as a fan, the fan in me thinks it is so amazing. I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s incredible.’ But as a player going up against that and not having enough evidence to break that, already when you know the girls in the house don’t have strong bonds with each other, it’s a hard thing to do. I tried to get there but it didn’t happen.

CJ: I have to say it was really surprising that it was you that went out. Was there stuff that went on behind the scenes that we didn’t see as viewers? When you were heading out to the eviction vote, were you like, ‘Man I’m going to go. It’s gonna be me.’ Were you aware or was it a surprise to you?
KW: The only thing that really caught me was the fact that Dane acted really, really strangely to me in the last week. Mark was acting very confident. My red flags, they were waving like crazy. Dane, if we were in an alliance together, you should’ve been working with me, buddy, and not against me. And you very clearly were laughing and having fun and acting like it’s no big deal. It is a big deal. This is my third time on the block. I know people want me out, and this is the shot that they’re going to take. They’re going to take it again and again until it happens. It’s a hard pill to swallow, leaving a week before jury. And it’s even harder to know that Kyra, of all players, had the most important, duty-powered job, and they didn’t use it. The fan in me is going nuts! Are you kidding me? Here, let me just get this thing and not do anything with it like that makes any sense at all. OK, I get it. You’re upset that Chelsea left and you really blame me for that, which is very emotional of you because I wasn’t the one that put her out nor did I really have anything against her. I mean, other than her putting me up, which is a completely normal thing but whatever.

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KS: I thought Kyra was going to use the Blood Veto on you.
KW: Yeah, I thought they were going to, too. They had a conversation with me a day before the eviction where they basically went off on me. They let me know that I was cocky when Dane was power, and as they were doing this, I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow, this was the kettle calling the pot black.’ I couldn’t believe it. They went off on all the problems with my game and nothing about themselves. They’re not emotional. I’m so logical I am so smart, blah, blah, blah. OK, well, you just made a huge mistake and you’re the next person going. So good job. I’m really happy for you.

CJ: Doesn’t it seem weird that it seems like this season — as well as in seasons past — guys tend to group together and form these alliances that are unbreakable. And then women tend to band against each other and vote each other out. And it’s so weird. Did it feel that way inside of the house?
KW: Yeah, absolutely. I had conversations with Este about that, I had conversations with Kyra about that and I had conversations with Sam about that. And every time, it was like, ‘Well, I think the bros just have each other’s back kind of thing but I need him; I need him to protect me.’ No, you don’t. You do not. You are your own player in this game. I was really upset about hearing everybody say that Este and me were sidekicks to Dane. That is not the case at all. Este and I were a duo way before Dane came into the picture. And Dane came into the picture because he saw that we were a strong duo and he wanted to get the information that we had gathered already. It was really frustrating. I hope Sam and Este can band together because I think they are such strong players individually. If they were to put their differences aside, I told Sam and Este before I left that I thought that working together was the best shot they both had moving forward.

KS: We saw Dane punching the bed in the bedroom with you after not winning HOH. You guys seemed pretty close. Do you think he turned on you in a way or do you think he’s still your friend and maybe you just misunderstood what he was doing by not being around you?
KW: I think that he and I will be friends outside of this house, no doubt about it. Truthfully, he made that guy alliance the first thing. I mean, they didn’t even know each other, and it was completely off first impressions that they made that alliance. I walked into the pantry as it was going on. I was one second late and I knew it had happened. But Dane and I — he was literally my bed buddy. We started talking a lot. We grew a really good personal relationship. He’s my B.C. bud, and I know we’re gonna kick it outside of the house but in that game, he was very, very smart. And he was playing for himself. I think he could see because I did let my guard down with him that I was a strong player. I was smarter than I was trying to lead on to people and when I started getting close to winning competitions, I think him and all the guys thought, ‘Hey, if there’s anyone we gotta get out, it’s this girl.’

CJ: Do you have any regrets about your game?
KW: No, not at all. I think it would be really difficult for me to have regrets at this point because in that house, it’s 24-7, and there’s so much happening all the time that you can’t know everything that’s happening all the time. Unless you’re in every room because you have three other members of an all-guy alliance and you’re all in different rooms. But for me to have regrets, I think, would be totally silly. This was an incredible experience. I’m so grateful for every part of it — the good, the bad — and yeah, I can’t have any regrets. It was amazing, and if I ever get the chance to do it again, I’m taking out every guy first.

KS: Your reaction to being on the block is very unique. You’re just ready and happy to be there. Do you wish that you fought for the Blood Veto more than just sitting down and saying, ‘I’m going to play for it anyways?’
KW: No, I mean at that point in time, I was trying to build my relationship with Sam. I knew Sam was watching everything that was going on and I wanted her to see that I trusted her enough that I wouldn’t gun for it, especially as Kyra had already stated, ‘Oh, I deserve that.’ Like OK… because you’ve done nothing this whole time? That’s really clever but whatever I wanted to win for myself for the POV. I got really close. It didn’t happen, but ultimately I wanted to win for myself. I’m my own player and I don’t want to have to rely on people giving me things. I don’t regret not gunning for it because ultimately Kyra, if they were a logical player, would have used it. But they couldn’t let it go that Chelsea left last week.

CJ: It’s just too bad. It’s such a huge advantage to use. In your opinion, who do you think is going to take it all?
KW: I really, really, really, really want Este to win. I think if she wins HOH she’s got to make a big move. You gotta get some guys out of here. You’ve got to band with Sam and not against her. If not Este, I would hope that Damien gets far. I mean, people are sleeping on Damien. Damien is a smart dude and he’s super loyal. I knew that right off the bat that working with him would be a good thing. Everybody deserves to be there. I don’t think I would root for Kyra, though, just for the sake of the fact that they had the biggest power in history and did nothing with it and went on a power trip about how they want it. You did not win anything. Don’t tell me that you won a competition when we all just said OK. If that’s you winning a competition I can’t. I literally cannot.

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KS: So… who was the hardest to live with then?
KW: Can you take a guess? Honestly… you guys don’t even know.

KS: I think I have an idea (laughing).
KW: I’m so sorry, Kyra, when you hear this but living with Kyra is truthfully exhausting. There’s nothing that you ever do that is right. Kyra always has something to say about whatever you’re doing, advice to give about literally everything. It was truly, truly difficult and emotionally exhausting.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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