‘Big Brother Canada’ sends home 2 houseguests in surprise double eviction

Houseguests playing in POV competition. Global TV / Corus

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada.

A destructive double eviction wreaked havoc on the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) house, leaving the agents absolutely stunned.

The first eviction of the night saw Chelsea Bird from Edmonton, Alta. lose her secret clearance to BBCAN HQ in a unanimous vote.

(L-R) Chelsea Bird and Kyra Shekner (Global TV / Corus).

After Birds’s departure, Arisa Cox delivered the devastating double-eviction blow to the remaining houseguests. And it was Eddie Lin from Montréal who ultimately lost the battle, becoming the second casualty of the night in a highly emotional eviction.

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(L-R): Arisa Cox and Eddie Lin. (Global TV / Corus).

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Global News spoke with Chelsea Bird and Eddie Lin the day after the double eviction and asked about their time in the Big Brother Canada house.

Global News: How did you guys feel about the double eviction? Did you even see that coming?
Chelsea Bird: I was speculating at the beginning of the week that it was probably coming. I had a good feeling that it was probably going down.
Eddie Lin: I also speculated that double eviction is coming but I just didn’t expect it would be me going out on house. As a super fan I know that double eviction usually comes around this time of the season, right? For the past two days before the double eviction I was trying to make other houseguests see that I am a very lone wolf, like I have no allies but just literally sitting alone and laying low. The double eviction is usually the time where people get on a very big threat because the big threat wouldn’t have time to campaign for themselves. I didn’t really expect anyone would waste a double eviction on someone who is not perceived to be a big threat. So I want to downplay my game for a little bit. But it didn’t work out.

You were really good at competitions though, Eddie, so you shouldn’t downplay yourself like that.
EL: Thank you so much! You are so nice.

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When you were crying last night, I was getting emotional because I didn’t want you to leave. How do you feel after you let Canada see all those emotions on live TV?
EL: Oh my gosh, to be honest I don’t really cry in real life, so crying in front of camera, that was a genuine, genuine moment. It was a very genuine moment for me to cry out in front of national TV and I was just upset. As a super fan I have dreamed about dominating this show. And the fact that I didn’t even get a chance to prove to people what I can do and I didn’t even get the chance to even start playing the game — I really tried to play the game, but people were not interested when I try to talk game with them. It was very emotional for me, especially the fact that my dream ended so abruptly.

Chelsea, you had a moment in the pantry where you were talking about how you didn’t want the women around Canada to be upset if the female players let the male players take over. You were also right about the guys’ alliance. How do you feel now, knowing that there really was this guys’ alliance?
CB: Well, I feel a little bit validated that I have my suspicions were right. But it’s not something that I didn’t kind of predict coming into the house. I mean, I think it’s easy for guys to look at each other and be like, ‘we’re all going to be comp beasts, let’s get it.’ I take it as a compliment that I feel like I scared the boys and they saw me as a threat. A game is a game is a game and I wanted to go further, but it is what it is. They got me.

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How do you two feel now that you’re out of the house?
CB: I told myself going in, if I get out, if someone gets me out and ends my game, then that’s where it ends for me. It’s a game. So it’s disappointing. Obviously I wanted to go further and play a little bit more, but it’s kind of fun to know that now I can watch it back and I can watch it with the fans and have that perspective of having lived it to come to share with them moving forward. It’s disappointing, but I feel like even though I was only in it for 27 days, I learned so much and it was such a it was such a cool experience. I’m accepting it for what it was and it’s a game. So if it was my time to go it was my time to go, yeah.
EL: For me, personally, I don’t really have enough time to digest that. I left so abruptly. Right now I’m still kind of down, to be honest. I still haven’t recovered from that fully, but it takes time. I’ll definitely be sad for another two days.

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Just two days (laughing)?
EL: Yes (laughing), only two.

Do you two feel like you did anything to hurt your own game?
CB: During the POV ceremony, I probably shouldn’t have attacked Dane [Rupert] in front of the entire house. At that point I didn’t realize that the guys aligned. The guys’ alliance was like a rumour at that point. I didn’t realize it was for sure a thing and I thought that I could deflect the target onto Dane and numbers onto my side of the house, which was Adam, Sam, Kyra and myself. And that was obviously a mistake and the numbers wouldn’t be on my side. So declaring that target in front of the house just made it even easier to vote me out. That was for sure my bad.
EL: For me, my biggest mistake was to not vote with the house. Week 2 I already knew that the vote was not going to keep Macki. I already knew that but I was still willing to take a chance last minute based on the fact that I was given last minute information about Dane swearing on his father’s necklace on wanting to keep Macki if there is a tie vote. I really regret not voting with the house week 2. I regret it more because I already knew where the vote was likely to go.
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Would you two do anything differently if you were offered a chance to re-enter the house?
CB: I would try and separate emotion from game a little bit more. I thought that I wasn’t gonna play this game emotionally, but you do really form strong connections with people and it’s hard to go against them. It was really hard for me to go against Adam and I feel like if I would have been able to separate that a little bit easier, then I think that maybe I would have played differently. So going in … I would try to look at people as pieces in a game that you maybe need to step on a little bit to get to the top.
EL: I would have played differently if maybe I wanted to be more engaged in conversations with other people.  I do feel like that I lost a lot of personal connection to other people because we don’t share the same topics when they’re talking travelling or hockey. I wanted to chime in the conversation but I couldn’t. So if I was given a chance, I would definitely prepare for more topics before coming here.

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Okay so let’s talk about Adam for a second. Eddie, what were your real feelings about Adam because you had so many funny moments on the show when you were talking about him.
EL: Oh my gosh. I feel like Adam is such a douche, like he thinks he’s hot. He looks like a donkey. He farts all the time for some reason. That’s not cool. Does he even realize that he is on national TV? He gets really comfortable and I’m pretty sure he’s also has a very big ego and people will still love him even though he is being so gross. I try to act and I’m being controlled by him. I try to act that I have a genuine crush on him. I think that even like Chelsea, you bought that.
CB: He fooled me. I thought he was, like, into it, but he wasn’t.
EL: There were some moments where I pretend to look at Adam secretly. And then when he saw, I just look away. I’m secretly peeking at him, you know, just not being obvious. And I feel like he actually thinks that I like him. So yeah, I don’t like him. He’s gross.

It was so entertaining to watch. Chelsea, what are your thoughts on Adam?
CB: I have a soft spot for Adam; he honestly got me. I care about him a lot and I feel like it was… I don’t know. I think the reason why I couldn’t go against him is because I was also hearing from Sam about how, in private moments, he was revealing to her how sweet he was and what a good guy he was. I kept getting all this reinforcement that he was so good and that he was everything that I kind of wanted him to be. It was really hard for me to accept the fact that he could be playing me or betraying me, and so I think — I don’t know, his charm worked on me.

But he was so standoffish towards you when you asked him to save you. How did that make you feel? Did you feel betrayed?
CB: Yeah, I did. I also realized at that point in the game people don’t want to go out on a limb for each other yet. People just want to go with the house majority and so I understood. As much as it was frustrating, I got it.

Who do you two think was the hardest to live with?
CB: Eddie! No, honestly, as an adult who lives by themselves, it’s hard to live with that many people just in general. People don’t put things away and are really messy.
EL: That’s literally me.
CB: I know it’s you but I’m being nice because you’re sitting right beside me. It’s just one more test among several tests. It’s like coinciding with a fellow human being … Eddie would stomp around with his shoelaces undone and drive people insane.
EL: (Laughing) I know. I feel like Dane is one of the people who is the tidiest. He got super frustrated when people became messy. I really am the messiest person. I thought other people would also be nasty, so I didn’t expect to be the messiest. It’s very hard to live in a house where everyone is so organized.

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Who do you two want to win the whole thing?
CB: I want a girl to win, but I don’t know any of these girls will get there. I want them to. I want to root for Cory but I feel like she might be maybe closer to the guys’ alliance. Then I’d like to think honestly, even though he got me, if Dane gets to the end and Dane wins. Good for him. He’s playing a really good game.
EL: Whereas I knew that I was rooting for Kiki to win just based on the fact that we are both put on a block and there was a very emotional moment.  I remember the day when we’re in a room and out of nowhere, like when Kiki, Este and Kailyn were trying to hype me, saying that, ‘OK. We have to stand up against Adam and Sam otherwise we’ll get picked off by the one by one.’ And that got me very hyped up, too. But then the following day they actually did not have the same courage and bravery anymore. So they actually become Adam and Sam’s b*tch. I don’t really respect that. I wish she could’ve womaned up and did something. Right now I’m rooting for Damien to win because I feel like he is the underdog.

Is there any place closing statement that you two want to leave your fans with?
EL: As a super fan right now, based on the fact I haven’t won any competitions and based on the fact that I didn’t really make any special moves I would personally not like myself as a super fan but I hope the fans understand that this is only because I didn’t get a chance to do it and I can do so much more. I just hope that fans can understand that I’m not a bad player. I didn’t get the chance to actually play the game.
CB: I just hope they don’t think I’m a stupid player. And Kyra and I will be friends in real life even though they drive me crazy it’s definitely a real friendship.

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Eddie I think when you watch the season back you’ll feel a bit differently than how you are portraying yourself now because you definitely made Canada smile and Chelsea you made some great moves! You guys were amazing and i’m sad to see you out of the house but I’m glad I got to talk with you.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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