Slow melt, weather co-operate to reduce flood threat in Red River Valley

Click to play video 'Floodway 101 – How does the Red River Floodway work, anyway?' Floodway 101 – How does the Red River Floodway work, anyway?
The Red River Floodway is a key component of keeping the city of Winnipeg from catastrophic spring flooding. Here's how it works – Apr 9, 2019
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The Red River Valley is still going to flood this spring, but the threat continues to reduce thanks to cooler temperatures and a lack of precipitation north of the Canada/US border.

The province’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre says risk of flooding has gone down on all major points along the Red River in Manitoba.

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“The recent precipitation system skipped most of the Red River basin and no major precipitation system is expected in the basin over the next 10 days,” they said.

“Because of these lower temperatures, levels along the Red River are expected to be equal or slightly lower than 2011 flood level.”

The Red River Floodway will likely be opened between Apr. 12 to 14.  A flood warning has officially been issued from Emerson to the Red River Floodway channel inlet, and a flood watch has been issued for the Roseau River area, said the province.

Inside the city

The City of Winnipeg has also reduced their flood forecast, now planning to use a peak of 19.6 feet at the James Avenue gauge, down from a peak of 20.5 feet.

“Previously, the City had identified 123 properties that might be at risk of river flooding and might require dikes. We are now projecting that only 18 of these properties might still need a dike, requiring a total of 14,400 sandbags,” said the City in a statement.

Volunteers for the 18 properties are not needed, they added.