Cows turned loose on Highway 401 in Mississauga after crash involving cattle carrier

WATCH ABOVE: Cows were roaming around on Highway 401 in Mississauga early Saturday after a cattle carrier crash.

A herd of cows was turned loose following a collision on Highway 401 in Mississauga early Saturday morning.

The cows found themselves on the highway following a collision that involved a cattle carrier, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) tweeted.

The collision forced the closure of the highway’s westbound lanes at Hurontario Street.

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The incident also had social media lighting up with imagery of cows on the road.

Global News spoke to a witness at the scene who said he was driving behind the truck at the time of the crash.

“I was going to get off here at Hurontario and I just saw him and I thought, ‘Why is he going straight? There’s a centre barrier there.’ And then he just plowed into it. There was a big puff of smoke,” Carlos Ferreria said.

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“Then all the cows started running out and running along the 401 … It was an experience. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

The cows have since been rounded up and the highway is no longer closed.

Peel Paramedics said a person at the scene, presumably the driver, was injured and transported to a local hospital in stable condition.