Jonathan and Drew Scott unveil new show, ‘Forever Home,’ and ‘everybody’s eligible’ to take part in new series

Jonathan and Drew Scott. Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

HGTV superstars Jonathan and Drew Scott have helped many clients buy and renovate properties in the Emmy-nominated series Property Brothers, and now they are on a mission to turn families’ ordinary houses into their lifelong dream homes in the new series, Property Brothers: Forever Home.

In their latest show, the Scott twins work with couples who are settled in their home but need their expertise to make it perfect.

These new clients aren’t looking to flip their property for profit, because they know this place is “the one” where they can put down roots and happily spend their lives. To unlock a home’s full potential, Jonathan and Drew will focus on overhauling the house to suit the families’ needs and wishes.

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The latest Property Brothers installment is set to premiere on Monday, March 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Property Brothers: Forever Home will be Drew and Jonathan’s fifth ongoing HGTV series, alongside Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother and Property Brothers: At Home.

Global News caught up with Jonathan and Drew to chat about the new series and what people can expect.

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Global News: Tell me all about Property Brothers: Forever Home… because I need to know everything!
Jonathan Scott:
It’s about only renovating Global’s employee’s houses. It’s a very niche concept (laughing).

Perfect, because my apartment needs some updates.
Drew Scott: Done! (Laughing). Property Brothers: Forever Home is answering what our fans have been asking for for a long time. We’re always looking to evolve with our shows. We have a really close relationship with our audience. Jonathan and I get half-a-million questions or comments each week from our fans. And when we go through that with our team and we’re analyzing what everyone’s asking for, we truly do listen to what our fans are asking. Whether it’s making changes within our current shows or with Property Brothers: Forever Home, we’re adapting to now renovating for anybody who has the house out there — it doesn’t matter if you’ve owned it for six days or six years. The big thing fans are saying is, ‘Property Brothers is helping people with buying a house to renovate, buying and selling, with helping people when they’re selling it.’ But now we’re actually helping everyone out.

That sounds pretty awesome. Would you say the premise of the new series is to make sure that they stay at this home forever instead of looking for something else?
JS: Yeah, well the whole idea is we were listening to our fans because they were saying that it would just be nice to not have to move. And we really find that most houses we look at — that are really rough around the edges — most of those are actually diamonds in the rough. They could be beautiful and it just takes a little creativity and having the right people on board.
Too many people think, ‘Oh the kitchen doesn’t work for me, I have to move, I need to move into a house that has exactly what I need.’ But they’re not realizing that with a little TLC and a little creative vision, they could actually have a beautiful home they’ve always wanted within their home. 

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What can fans expect from this show? Is there going to be a lot of social media interaction between you two and the fans as this show airs? 
JS: It’s definitely going to be a very exciting, huge launch because we are essentially taking all of those other people in the country who didn’t qualify before the show and now all of a sudden, everybody’s eligible. I think there’ll be a lot of buzz surrounding that. It’s like taking the best of all of our shows and putting them into one. Brother versus Brother — there’s that fun brotherly banter and a lot of going back and forth and you’ll get even more of that in Forever Home. You still get to be beautiful before and afters for the renovations. But I think it will really focus more on the human story of what everybody is looking for and their own distinct taste.
DS: Also this year, Jonathan and I, with the launch of Forever Home, we’re also going to be doing a lot more engagement with our fans. For example, on each episode of this show, we have our design inspiration and behind-the-scenes that we post on That’s sort of our lifestyle hub for anything to do with our lives and a big part of that is the shows. We want fans to really get that behind-the-scenes feel of what we’re doing.

Which show would you two say is your favourite show to film?
DS: With Forever Home, that’s our sixth show. There’s Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers At Home, Brothers Take New Orleans and now Forever Home. Out of all of them, I actually love the diversity of the different shows. I like mixing it up. I would have to say Brother vs. Brother is a lot of fun because I love competing with Jonathan.
JS: I’ve always loved the original Property Brothers format because I just really, really like helping the homeowners and almost becoming part of the family so I think that the new Forever Home could become my favourite because we’ve already shot the pilot for that and it went over really well. I think the exciting thing is that Forever Home will likely be my new favourite because we get that same in-depth engagement with the family. But it’s something that’s a little more streamlined and the fact that we now can help more families.

That is really exciting because I’m sure that so many people would be excited to get the chance to work with you two on their homes. But as a twin — because I’m a twin too — don’t you guys get sick of working together all the time?
DS: Now are you the older or the younger twin?

I’m older by two minutes and I always let that be known (laughing).
DS: All right. I think I prefer your sibling (laughing). Jonathan’s older than me by four minutes. A lot of siblings say they can’t work together or it would drive them nuts. We’ve always been great. I think that the big thing for us is that business is business, our personal life is our personal life but we have no B.S. policy. If something’s bugging us, we get that out and we deal with it. I think one of the reasons that things can get tough working with a sibling is that they let emotions get in the way or they let, you know, personal differences get in their way instead of treating things like a business. And also, just business with business partners in general, if they let things bottle up and they don’t talk about it, they don’t communicate. That’s a recipe for disaster.

And siblings also have no filter with each other too. That can almost work better in a business relationship sometimes.
DS: It definitely can.

How was Sailing with the Scotts? The last time I spoke to you two, we were talking about that and it sounded amazing.
JS: It was so much fun but also so exhausting. The ship we were on, it was a beautiful Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas. 5, 200 people on the ship and we did all kinds of activities. We did what they said was their largest karaoke party ever. In fact, they had so many people attending, they had to shift it to their large arena that they do the ice shows in. And we finished the whole evening with 200 people singing I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. On top of all of our fans, there on the ship, we had about 180 family and friends with us and our co-workers because we wanted to get a little something special for them. So it was so much fun.
DS: It was so fun. You’ll have to come on the next one!

Oh for sure! So what’s next for the Scott brother brand?
DS: Well, the big thing that we’ve been working on last year and this year, it was the launch of our children’s book. It’s a series of books called, Builder Brothers. The first book came out late last year and we hit the New York Times bestseller list and then now we’re excited to release the second in the series. Also the Fox special, we have green-lit a scripted series. It’s a sitcom with Fox based on our lives and so that can be exciting. To see that come out is really exciting.

That was my next question too. Are you two heavily involved in the sitcom?
JS: We’re involved in the writing and producing but we’re not starring in it. They will hire actors to play us so it will be interesting to see. Personally, I think George Clooney should play me (laughing).

How do you manage to keep growing your brand when you’re both already the kings of HGTV?
DS: I think the big thing is just being humble and loving what you do. Jonathan and I absolutely love helping families. We’ve helped those 400 happy families from the show and then also the millions of people that watch and get inspired by HGTV. I really think that’s it. We don’t get stubborn in our ways. We don’t try and stick to our guns with some certain design style that’s just what we like. We’re always open to something new and fresh and we, you know, we learn from the homeowners that we meet and we learn from our experiences out and about and I think that we’re sort of lifelong students. We love to try something new all the time and I think that’s what keeps us fresh and current.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]
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