Are people having a ‘change of heart’ about Valentine’s Day?

Click to play video: 'Are consumers having a ‘change of heart’ about Valentine’s Day?' Are consumers having a ‘change of heart’ about Valentine’s Day?
While Valentine's Day still means big business for some retailers, some consumers say they aren't 'buying in' to the expectations. Caley Bedore has more – Feb 8, 2019

While Valentine’s Day still means big business for some retailers, some consumers say they aren’t “buying in” to the expectations.

The founder of Toronto-based matchmaking company Match Me Canada said Feb. 14 is not just for couples anymore.

“People put less emphasis on Valentine’s Day and work at celebrating their love and relationship throughout the year,” said Rebecca Cooper Traynor.

“I find there’s a lot of attention now towards singles on Valentine’s Day with singles events and anti-Valentine’s Day parties,” she said. “It’s pretty interesting that so many companies are marketing the ‘day of love’ towards those that are still looking for it!”

Cooper Traynor said it is important to work at your relationship all year and not just on Feb. 14. “Making the effort to show your partner you care, throughout the year, is far more special and will positively impact your relationship.”

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According to a 2018 study by The National Retail Federation in the U.S., many people are having a change of heart when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The study showed little more than half of those under 55 plan to celebrate on Feb. 14. That is down from 72 per cent 10 years ago.

Still, owner of Pammett’s Flowers in Peterborough, Amy Van Gerven, said Feb. 14 is one of her busiest times.

“It’s the biggest day,” she said. “Other ones might be the week ahead or the month ahead, but Valentine’s Day is definitely the one day.”

And when it comes to popular options, roses are still the favourites. “A dozen red roses is still the most popular item for sure,” she said. “Some people might do a mixed bouquet with some roses in it, but still tried and true, a dozen red roses.”

She estimated about 50 dozen roses will go out the door, and some 200 bouquets.

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And if you haven’t done any shopping, don’t worry, Van Gerven said you aren’t the only one.

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“There are a few pre-orders but mostly it’s the line up out the door the entire day of, rushing to get some flowers before going home before work,” she said.

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