Bow Wow’s girlfriend details alleged abuse in 911 call

Rapper Shad "Bow Wow" Moss (R) and Leslie Holden. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

NOTE: This article contains offensive language and may be triggering for some readers. Please read at your own discretion.

Over Super Bowl weekend, Bow Wow and his girlfriend Leslie Holden were arrested following a physical altercation.

Police took both Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, and Holden into custody following a 911 call Holden made in which she said the 31-year-old rapper assaulted her.

In the 911 call, obtained by TMZ, Holden claimed that she escaped Bow Wow’s apartment to make the call.

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She alleged that Bow Wow hit her numerous times, took away her phone, and trapped her in a room.

“He was hitting me … and said no one’s going to believe you,” Holden told the 911 operator.

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She told the operator that she was standing outside because “his friends helped me leave.”

She also said that the police had already came to the apartment but Bow Wow and his friends wouldn’t let her out of the bedroom.

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“They wouldn’t let me out the bedroom. They took my phone from me because I called the police the first time,” Holden said while crying. “It was just like a domestic violence. He was just hitting me with his hands.”

It’s also been reported that the apartment building’s manager received a complaint about the fight which led her to call the police as well.

The person who called to file a complaint told the manager that a man was heard saying that he would “Slap the f**k out of this b**ch.”

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When police responded to a call in Midtown Atlanta on the weekend, Holden told them Bow Wow had assaulted her. Bow Wow told officers Holden assaulted him.

Police couldn’t tell who was the primary aggressor, so both were charged with battery.

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Bow Wow’s lawyer, Joe Habachy, revealed that two reported witnesses validated the Let Me Hold You star’s side of the story, suggesting that Holden was “simply out of control and without a doubt the primary aggressor.”

“For no logical reason officers arrested both parties despite having clear-cut evidence that Bow Wow was the victim in the case,” the lawyer added. “Ms. Holden beat him with a lamp, bit him on his side, and spit on him while Bow Wow continually made efforts to avoid her.”

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Holden and the former rapper were taken to Fulton County Jail and arrested, as confirmed by Officer Jarius Daugherty.

“Bow Wow suffered multiple injuries, some of which are visible in his mugshot,” Habachy said. “Ms. Holden’s mugshot, on the other hand, speaks for itself, despite her allegation to police that she broke a fingernail.”

The police report shared on Monday stated that Bow Wow hit Holden “in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom … and told her to get the hell out.”

The rapper said that he told her to leave the house, which prompted her to throw a lamp at him.

An officer at the scene said he saw the broken lamp on the floor. Holden said she broke three ribs during the fight.

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The Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta co-stars reportedly suffered minor injuries. In his mugshot, Moss was pictured with multiple scratch wounds on his face and forehead.

Mugshots of (L-R) Shad Moss (Bow Wow) and Leslie Holden (Kiyomi Leslie) taken at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Ga. on Feb. 2, 2019. Fulton County Jail

Habachy, revealed that both parties were released from the jail on US$8,000 bonds.

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