Saskatoon owner asks for stolen tubas to be returned

Saskatoon man says one of the two tubas stolen from his vehicle is worth over $15,000. Supplied

Saskatoon’s Michael Raney discovered on Monday that his two tubas had been stolen from his vehicle parked at his Nutana neighbourhood home.

The tubas stand five feet high and three feet wide in size.

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One belongs to the Saskatoon Brass Band and Raney believes it was made in the 1950s.

The other brass instrument is his personal tuba which he said is worth over $15,000. However, he wants the thief to know there isn’t much of resale value.

“If someone wants to try to sell it to others, there are not that many people to buy them at all and I don’t know what a person who doesn’t play the tuba would want to do with one,” Raney said.

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Raney is hoping for the instruments’ return.

Anyone with information on the missing tubas can contact Saskatoon police at 306-975-8300.

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