2 arrested in Kingston raids related to major national security probe

Police conduct an investigation in Kingston, Ont., on Jan. 24, 2019. Dominic Owens

The RCMP have arrested two people in Kingston in relation to a major national security probe that’s been ongoing since Christmas, sources say.

Global News has also learned that the FBI was involved in the operation.

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A total of two raids were conducted. One of the individuals arrested was a minor, sources tell Global News.

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Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale released a statement regarding the news, though did not provide any additional details about the investigation.

“The Government of Canada has no greater responsibility than to keep its citizens safe. Earlier today, the RCMP and other police partners took action in Kingston, Ont., based on credible information, to ensure public safety. Any comments on operational details will be made at the appropriate time by the RCMP,” read the statement.

He added that, with the investigation ongoing, Canada’s official national security threat level remains at a “medium,” as it has since 2014.

RCMP said that operations are still ongoing.

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The raids are related to a mystery plane seen by Kingston residents on Thursday, sources tell Global News. While it was suggested that the plane may have been a “government entity,” by local experts, there had been no confirmation of its origins until now.

There have been hundreds of plane sightings since Jan. 4.

Officers stayed on scene at both locations for several hours. Many of the officers were driving unmarked vehicles, and were wearing plain clothes.

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Kingston police assured via social media that the public had no reason to be concerned.

Earlier in the day, witnesses reported seeing RCMP officers at the Kingston Memorial Centre. The witnesses believed the officers were conducting training exercises, but it’s unclear why RCMP officers were there.

The purpose of the raids are still unknown.

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It’s not rare for the FBI to be involved, Carleton University international affairs Prof. Stephanie Carvin told Global News Radio’s Charles Adler.

“The FBI is often involved in Canadian national security investigations,” she said.

Carvin said the FBI was involved in the probe into the Via Rail terror plot back in 2013.

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– With files from Mercedes Stephenson.

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