6 Toronto elementary schools top Fraser Institute’s annual Ontario school rankings

Fraser Institute releases it's annual report ranking Ontario elementary schools, with six Toronto-based schools tied with perfect scores. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Six Toronto schools top the Fraser Institute‘s annual report of Ontario elementary schools with perfect scores, among 16 others.

The report card ranks over 3,000 schools based on nine academic indicators from results of annual EQAO tests in reading, writing and math tests. It ranks schools out of a score of 10.

The six Toronto-based schools this year include Avondale Alternative, Havergal College, Islamic Institute of Toronto, Northmount, Sathya Sai, and St. Sebastian.

Other GTA schools that tied for top spot include Al-Risala Academy, IQRA Islamic, Khalsa School Malton, Safa & Marwa in Mississauga, and Khalsa Community School in Brampton.

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Peter Crowley, a senior fellow with the Fraser Institute’s School Performance Studies, said the report card helps easily identify successful schools and serves as an example for others to model after.

“All too often, principals and teachers try to excuse a school’s poor overall performance by blaming the characteristics of its students or the communities they serve, but the Report Card shows that any school, no matter where it’s located or what challenges its students face, can succeed,”

The list’s top 20 schools include:

  • Al-Risala Academy (Mississauga)
  • Avondale Alternative (Toronto)
  • Havergal (Toronto)
  • IQRA Islamic (Mississauga)
  • Islamic Foundation (Ajax)
  • Islamic Institute of Toronto (Toronto)
  • Islamic School of Cambridge (Cambridge)
  • Khalsa Community (Brampton)
  • Khalsa School Malton (Mississauga)
  • Laggan (Dalkeith)
  • Northmount (Toronto)
  • Safa & Marwa (Mississauga)
  • Sathya Sai (Toronto)
  • St Justin Martyr (Unionville)
  • St Mildred’s-Lightbourn (Oakville)
  • St Sebastian (Toronto)
  • Islamic School of Hamilton (Hamilton)
  • Silver Stream (Richmond Hill)
  • Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys (Markham)
  • St Benedict (Unionville)

A full list of schools ranked can be found on the Fraser Instutite’s website.

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