Venezuela: President-elect says U.S. backed ‘neo-Nazi groups’ responsible for violence

Supporters of Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles protest in Caracas on April 15, 2013. Venezuela's acting President Nicolas Maduro was proclaimed the winner of an election to succeed late leader Hugo Chavez here Monday triggering protests as the opposition demanded a recount. Geraldo Caso (AFP)/Getty Images

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela’s President-elect Nicolas Maduro is accusing the United States of inciting the violence that occurred in the wake of Sunday’s contested elections.

Maduro charges that the U.S. Embassy has been “financing and leading all the violent acts.” He says the embassy is backing what he calls “neo-Nazi groups” that he claims are behind the violence.

The United States said earlier Tuesday that it will not consider the election results valid unless the vote-by-vote recount demanded by opposition candidate Henrique Capriles is done.

Maduro is blaming Capriles for seven deaths that the government says occurred in post-election unrest.

The government has provided names of some people it says have been killed by opposition activists but has provided no evidence.