Netflix urges people to stop hurting themselves with ‘Bird Box’ challenge

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Social media has been taken over by memes of Netflix’s horror-movie offering Bird Box, and now things are getting to the next level.

Apparently, die-hard fans are trying something called the “Bird Box challenge,” where they — or their children — are blindfolded and try to do everyday things, despite not being able to see.

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In Bird Box, main character Malorie (Sandra Bullock) is trying to get her two children to a sanctuary located at the end of a long river, and they must remain blindfolded at all times. Why? Because unidentified creatures are all around them, and if you see one, you’re driven to instant suicide or insanity.

Netflix caught wind of the Bird Box challenge and issued a message to all users thinking of trying it, telling them to “not hurt themselves.”

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In Bird Box, the Malorie character has no choice but to be rough with her kids, especially considering it’s a matter of life or death for her and her children. Unfortunately, though, some parents didn’t differentiate between entertainment and reality.

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Some merely used it as a joke to riff on their relationships or even their own mother.

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As you can see, the results of the challenge usually end in hilarity rather than injury — as of this writing, no serious calamity has been reported because of it.

According to Netflix, Bird Box has had more than 45 million views.

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