RCMP put down ‘aggressive’ coyote after it kills 3-month-old puppy in Airdrie

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Airdrie RCMP have put down an aggressive coyote after it attacked and killed a three-month-old puppy in a yard.

On Wednesday night, police responded to a call about an “aggressive” coyote that attacked a puppy at a home that backs on to the Woodside golf course in Airdrie.

“The homeowners chased the coyote to try and save their dog, however, the dog did not survive the attack,” police said in a news release Thursday morning. “The coyote was then aggressive towards the humans.”

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Police said they found the coyote about an hour later. It was acting aggressively towards the officers, so it was put down, police said.

The coyote’s death follows two brazen attacks on people in Airdrie by coyotes on Dec. 14 and 17, forcing the city to issue a warning about the animals.

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One of the people bitten was six-year-old Andrew Bergen, who was visiting the Festival of Lights with his mother, Elizabeth Bergen, and her boyfriend.

Andrew recounted the coyote running towards him, growling when he reached the bottom of the slide.

Andrew was at the bottom of the slide at the playground when he was bitten on the shoulder/neck area of his jacket, his mother told Global News. Thanks to his tough snowsuit, the animal didn’t break any skin and the suit was still intact.

The boy is doing well, his mom said.

On Thursday, the City of Airdrie said it does not believe the coyote that was put down was the same animal that bit the boy.

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The city said it’s been working to make the animals feel unwelcome. The city has started with hazing and scent deterrents (bear urine) in the Bayside, Midtown and Nose Creek Park areas. Live traps have also been set.

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“It is important to note that coyotes will continue to be common in the city,” the city said. “They are a natural predator that benefit our ecosystem by controlling rodents, rabbits and other pests but they become a problem when they lose their fear of humans.”

Officials encourage anyone who spots or has an interaction with a coyote to report it by calling 403-948-8400, adding the reports help with mapping the animals’ movements and determining a plan to control them.

More information on coyotes and what to do in the event of an encounter, as well as information on coyotes and pets, can be found on the City of Airdrie’s website.

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Airdrie issues warning after 2 coyote attacks – Dec 19, 2018

– With files from Heide Pearson and Lauren Pullen


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