Winnipeg letter bomber Guido Amsel sentenced to life behind bars

WATCH: Judge's full sentencing decision on convicted letter bomber Guido Amsel

A man convicted of sending letter bombs to Winnipeg law offices and his ex-wife’s home will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Guido Amsel, 52, was found guilty in May on a number of charges in relation to bombs sent by mail in 2015, and another sent in 2013 meant to kill his ex-wife.

WATCH: Winnipeg’s letter-bomber was sentenced Thursday.  Brittany Greenslade reports.

Guido Amsel Sentenced
Guido Amsel Sentenced

Judge Tracey Lord laid out her decision in the Manitoba provincial court Thursday.

“Mr. Amsel’s intent was to kill his former wife,” Judge Lord said, noting that even though the device did not explode as intended, it does not clear Amsel of trying to do so.

“A sentence of 15 years is fit and appropriate,” for the 2013 bombing, said Judge Lord.

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Local lawyer Maria Mitousis, who was the victim of one of the letter bombs sent in July 2015, was in the courtroom Thursday.

For the bombing of Mitousis’ law office, Judge Lord sentenced Amsel to two concurrent life sentences for the attempted murder of Mitousis and George Orle, a colleague. Amsel addressed the package to that Mitousis opened to him.

Judge Lord later reduced the sentence for the 2013 bombing to 12 years, minus time already served, bringing it down to seven years, to be served first before the two concurrent life sentences.

He will not be eligible for parole for 17 years.

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In October, the crown asked for a life sentence with no parole eligibility for ten years. They also asked for 15 years, to be served consecutively, for the 2013 bombing.

Mitousis lost her right hand when the letter bomb addressed to her detonated, and said during her impact statement she was worried about her left hand, hoping it doesn’t weaken as she gets older.

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She called Amsel a coward multiple times, and said while she’s open to forgiveness, now is not that time as he has not accepted responsibility for his crimes nor expressed remorse.

“After this is over, I will forget him,” she said.

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WATCH: Judge’s FULL sentencing decision on convicted letter bomber Guido Amsel

Judge’s FULL sentencing decision on convicted letter bomber Guido Amsel
Judge’s FULL sentencing decision on convicted letter bomber Guido Amsel

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