Welcome to Winnipeg: My second day of work I was run over by a car

New Global News reporter Marek Tkach shows off his scratched glasses. Elisha Dacey/Global News

Fresh off a 28-hour drive from Terrace, BC, on my way in to my second day of work, I was hit by an SUV crossing a Winnipeg street.

I got into Winnipeg on a Friday — it took me just four days to end up in the back of an ambulance en route to the Health Science Centre.

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I left an apartment viewing at 8:30 a.m. last Tuesday, and I began walking north on St. Mary’s Road towards downtown. I had no idea where to cross to end up on the correct side of the street.

I chose to cross two lanes of traffic at Stradbrook Avenue and Main, just before the Norwood Bridge.

This is where I was hit. Google Maps

I stepped out, phone in hand, when I saw an SUV approaching much faster than it should’ve been, considering I had a walk light.

I looked at the SUV. I looked back at the walk light. He was not stopping. I turned back towards the curb with one thought … get out of the way!

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I took another step, took a breath and by the time I exhaled, I was hit.

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My left leg was run over by the front and back tires of the vehicle.

I stood up immediately in shock, feeling for my wallet, phone and keys. Then my legs gave out and I fell to the ground.

I looked at the driver who got out of his car. He looked back at me and said “Are you okay? I have an appointment to get to.”


As you can see, my glasses took on some of the worst damage. New ones are on the way!.

The next thing I remember was four people crowded around me with blankets asking if I was OK.

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I asked what happened and after glancing down, seeing my lower half shaking uncontrollably with blood everywhere, I figured it out.

I had no idea it was possible to be this cold.

One of the reasons I was so cold may have been because of the metal studs on the vehicles winter tires trimming my pants….

I was amazed at how many people pulled over to help me. I remember one person saying he was a doctor, while others were covering me up with blankets telling me I was struck by a car, 911 had been called and I was going to be okay.

Determined to get to work on at my new job, I tried to stand up. Everyone around me told me to stay down. Everything felt like it was in slow motion.

People started to ask me questions like, where I was from, what I did for work, and as I explained I was on my way to my second day on the job, I lost track of how many times I heard the words “Welcome to Winnipeg.”

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One of the only things keeping me from losing my mind was the fact every single person helping, seemed like the nicest person I had ever met.

Soon I was on a stretcher in the ambulance, in a neck brace, being told there could be severe damage to my head, neck, and leg — every possibility between paralysis and not being able to work again flashed through my mind.

I pleaded with the paramedic to call my boss, because despite the fact that I might be permanently mangled beyond repair, my primary concern was making sure they didn’t think I had quit on my second day.

Upon my return to work, my co-workers took it upon themselves to decorate my work space.

After arriving at HSC, I went through countless tests — X- Rays, CT Scans, injections of medicines I can’t pronounce through my IV — before I found myself waiting in the Emergency Room with my Auntie. I was moved around a couple times to different beds, hoping it was nothing serious.

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Four hours later, a doctor explained, somehow, that an SUV weighing 3,560 pounds ran me over and didn’t break, tear, or permanently injure anything.

I walked out of the hospital under my own power after my action-packed fourth full day in Winnipeg.

Oh and by the way, I got the apartment, meaning I’ll be able to cross that intersection twice a day.