This clever dog cons people into playing with him by dropping toys over front-yard wall

Click to play video: 'Dog tricks strangers into playing with him'
Dog tricks strangers into playing with him
Videos show the “wall doggo” named Riley dropping a tennis ball over a wall every morning so that passersby will stop and play with him – Oct 26, 2018

A clever dog has been conning passersby into playing with him by dropping toys over a wall in front of his California home.

Video showing the “wall doggo” named Riley dropping a tennis ball over a fence to entice playtime with people was captured in September by local actor Johnny Berchtold.

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“This good wall-doggo dropped his ballo [sic] but fear not I returned it to him and thanked him for his service,” Berchtold tweeted.

Berchtold’s tweet was then picked up and shared on Twitter this week after being posted by WeRateDogs, an account with nearly 7.5 million followers.

“This is Riley. Every morning he hangs over the wall and drops his toy so the nearest passerby is forced to play with him,” reads the tweet. “It works 100% of the time. 14/10.”

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Turns out Riley has been pulling this stunt for a few years and is a bit of a neighbourhood celebrity, probably more of a celebrity than Berchtold.

“He’s been at it for years! I used to love him when i lived next door too,” an apparent former neighbour chimed in.

“I used to live on this street and he would hang over the wall every day and say hi i miss him so much,” Luke Korns chimed in.

“I live next door and it’s true,” another neighbour tweeted along with a video of Riley.

“I found a video I have of Riley,” another commented.

Turns out Riley is a bit of an Instagram star as well, with an account with nearly 12,000 followers.

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Good wall doggo, Riley.

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