Surrey’s Doug McCallum has ally in new Vancouver mayor over switching from LRT to SkyTrain

TransLink is adding 80 new cars to the system by 2021.
TransLink is adding 80 new cars to the system by 2021. Global News

The new mayor of Vancouver, Kennedy Stewart, says if Surrey mayor-elect Doug McCallum wants SkyTrain rather than LRT, he will support that.

“How Ottawa works is that the loudest voice gets the money.”

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Kennedy Stewart wants to extend the proposed Broadway SkyTrain line all the way out to UBC, and he’s looking for regional support.

He sees what’s happening in Surrey as something similar. “It seems to me he’s also fighting for more money from Ottawa to bring transit infrastructure to his city.”

Stewart says he’ll have to see what others on the TransLink Mayors’ Council think, but he believes the feds are open to building more SkyTrain.

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“We have to come together and make sure we’re getting our fair share from Ottawa because I know the loudest voice often gets the funding.”

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Doug McCallum has vowed to kill the proposed Light Rail Transit project in Surrey, and instead build SkyTrain out to Langley instead.

However, the Mayors’ Council, TransLink, the provincial government, and the federal government all agreed to fund LRT earlier this year.