Plante announces creation of new bureau, advisory committee for Pink Line metro project

Click to play video: 'Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante on Pink Line' Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante on Pink Line
Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has announced the creation of a new municipal office and advisory committee devoted to the Pink Line metro project – Oct 22, 2018

One year ago, Mayor Valérie Plante campaigned on the promise of expanding Montreal’s metro network with a new line, dubbed the Pink Line.

On Monday, Plante announced the creation of a new municipal office and advisory committee devoted to the project.

“When I was elected almost a year ago, I made a promise to electors and that was to place transit at the heart of our actions, but also on the agenda of decision makers,” Plante said.

“I started the year with a public transit announcement — 300 transit buses — and now I am very proud to be here today as we approach the anniversary of our administration to announce that the Pink Line project is moving forward.”

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The new office, with its own team and a $1-million budget, will be tasked with assessing the project’s feasibility.

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“Its mandate will be to conduct various studies to assess the project’s potential from a transportation, socio-economic, environmental and urban development point of view,” Plante said, explaining the office would add to studies done by the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM).

“It’s a way to complement all the technical studies the RTM is doing, to come up with more data on the economic potential, the social development potential, the territory development potential.”

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The advisory committee, made up of six experts from various fields, will be responsible for submitting opinions and recommendations.

Plante stressed the importance of the project not only for improving mobility but for fighting climate change.

“Transportation remains the most relevant and efficient way to reach our goal of reducing green gas emissions,” she said. “If we want to battle climate change seriously, we need to invest seriously in public transport. The Pink Line is a serious solution for a serious problem.”

During the provincial election campaign, François Legault’s transportation platform for Coalition Avenir Québec focused on extending the light rail network currently under construction and building a tramway as well as extending the blue and yellow metro lines.

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There were no plans, however, to build a new metro line.

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Plante pushed back against allegations the new provincial government didn’t support the project.

“They are moving forward with establishing their government with their priorities,. and I’m moving forward with my priorities as well,” she said. “I will continue fighting for the Pink Line, and that is not in opposition with the tramway.”

“Knowing that there is so much money being lost in traffic jams, I think it is time to act, and that means more public transit projects.”

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