NSLC ‘implementing measures’ to fix online age-verification process

The signage for the new NSLC Cannabis storefront on Clyde Street in Halifax, N.S., has been revealed. Reynold Gregor/Global News

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation says it plans to address issues with its online age-verification process after a tutorial video surfaced showing consumers how to bypass it.

In a statement to Global News on Thursday, NSLC spokesperson Beverly Ware said the corporation will implement measures that it believes will resolve the issue.

“The age-verification process remains the same on our website,” Ware stated. “Customers will be required to enter the online access code then, as with the websites in every other jurisdiction in Canada, confirm they are at least 19 years of age.

“Additional age verification will happen when the product is delivered as the customer must provide valid government-issued photo identification to confirm they are at least 19 years of age.”

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The 77-second tutorial video began circulating shortly after customers were given the option to purchase cannabis online. Global News confirmed that the technique in the video worked as advertised.

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Soon after, Ware said the issue was not security-related and about social responsibility. She added there is no connection to a customer’s personal information.

The Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives used the controversy as an opportunity to take aim at the provincial government’s cannabis rollout, claiming they “failed” to protect children from access to cannabis.

“We don’t have high expectations from this government anymore,” interim PC Leader Karla MacFarlane stated in a news release Thursday. “Now they have proven that in addition to not being able to trust them with our private information, we can’t trust them to protect our children.”

The province noted that Nova Scotia is one of only two provinces to implement a two-stage age-verification system for online cannabis sales.

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“As soon as the NSLC became aware of the issue, they quickly addressed it and are in the process of implementing the fix,” government spokesperson Andrew Prepper said in a statement.

“It’s also important to remember that age verification on all online sales will occur upon delivery. We would remind all Nova Scotians that it is a crime to help anyone underage order or procure cannabis.”

The NSLC sold more than $660,000 in cannabis during the first day of legalization, with almost $47,000 of those sales being made online.

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The NSLC is the only licensed retailer allowed to sell cannabis in Nova Scotia.

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