Where in the world do you cheer for the Winnipeg Jets?

Marianne Helm/Getty Images

A video tweeted out to celebrate the Winnipeg Jets has gone viral.

Michal Grajewski tweeted his video calling it A message to the Jets.

“I’ve been a Jets fan since I was a kid. I moved away from Winnipeg in my 20s for work, but I’m fiercely proud of where I’m from,” Grajewski told Global News.

The video shows fans from aroundthe world cheering on the NHL team.

He says he reached out to people he knew from across the world, asking if they’d like to be a part of his project.

Grajewski says the video took him about a week to make.

“I figured it would be cool to highlight and show how loyal and passionate Jets fans are, no matter where in the world they may be,” said Grajewski.

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From Greenland to Germany, fans from across the globe are encouraging the team as they play their first home game of the season Tuesday night.

“You can take a Winnipegger out of Winnipeg but, you always carry a little piece of home with you, no matter where life ends up taking you,” Grajewski said.

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