Driver ticketed after near miss in Saskatoon work zone

A semi knocked over metal construction signs, drove over orange pylons and dragged an infrared pothole patching machine in a Saskatoon work zone. File / Global News

Saskatoon police have ticketed a driver after a semi narrowly missed a worker in a construction zone and damaged equipment.

The worker was in the work zone at Circle Drive and Avenue C North on July 15 when a semi knocked over two metal construction signs, drove over orange pylons and dragged the city’s new infrared pothole patching machine for six metres.

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“Even in light of our highly visible ‘At What Cost?’ public awareness campaign, some people continue to disobey work zone road signs, put lives at risk and in some cases cause work to shut down,” Brandon Harris, the city’s director of roadways and operations, said in a statement.

The driver was ticketed for driving without due care and attention.

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It’s the second ticket issued by police in September for work zone violations as police continue to investigate several other reports.

City and contract workers are encouraged to report licence plate numbers to Saskatoon police, which will follow up with the vehicle owner.

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“People squeeze their vehicles between barricades all the time, thinking they are above the law,” Harris said.

“It’s dangerous for our workers, puts the equipment at risk of damage and can be harmful for the driver.”

City officials are reminding drivers to remain alert and obey work zone signs and speed limits.

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