Kingston candidate opts for election signs on sandbags in Lakeside district

One Kingston candidate is printing his name on sandbags as advertisement for the upcoming municipal election. Global News Kingston

While some of Kingston’s municipal candidates have opted to drop election signs, saying they are not worth the waste, Lakeside district candidate Ashley Johnson has taken an altogether different approach — he is printing his election signs on sandbags.

“I’m very concerned about the use of plastics,” said Johnson. “Sometimes, things are called recyclable but you end up finding them in oceans and lakes.”

Johnson said he too worried about contributing to the plastic pollution that can find its way in his district’s surrounding water.

“I see how beautiful Lakeside is,” said Johnson.

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Municipal candidates in Kingston opt for no lawn signs

After looking into his options, he realized that he could offer supporters signs that would not only be reusable but work as an item that might help them in times of flooding or heavy rain.

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“I did a lot of research,” said Johnson. “It came down to the sandbag, which can be used for multiple other purposes.”

Johnson said that the sandbags cost about 25 per cent more than traditional election signs, but the extra cost was worth getting his message across early on.

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“I’m taking the steps necessary from the very beginning to show my commitment to sustainability.”

As for how people in his district were reacting to the unconventional signs, Johnson said it’s been mostly positive, although he did admit that others have raised eyebrows at the unconventional idea.

“They look like election signs,” said the Lakeside candidate. “But some people find it very interesting.”

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