ICBA seeking appeal on proportional representation referendum injunction request

ICBA applies to BC Court of Appeal for injuction. File/ Global News

A month ahead of the start of B.C.’s referendum on proportional representation, a group fighting the process isn’t giving up.

The  Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) is appealing the August 28th Supreme Court ruling denying an injunction request.

“The judge gave a lot of latitude to government and we understand why we don’t think she understood the importance of the timeliness of this issue,” Jordan Bateman with the ICBA said.

“We believe she made an error in law and the fact that the government is dragging its heels has forced us to appeal that injunction so we have filed that appeal this week with the B.C. Court of Appeal and we’re hoping that they’ll hear us quickly.”

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Bateman said the injunction is necessary for their main case — questioning the constitutionality of the process — to be heard before voting takes place.

“We’ve got to get into court before people are out there voting because people need to know that the rules are fair and clear and that this referendum process hasn’t been rigged by the government.”

The ICBA contends the referendum process was rushed, the questions on the ballot are confusing and the funding limits for proponents are prohibitive.

This is beyond the association’s issues with the models of proportional representation on the ballot, which it says are untried, unfair and confusing.

Attorney General David Eby has said he was pleased the court ruled in their favour and has denied the province was causing delays in the court case.

Voting on the referendum starts October 22 and ballots must be received by 4:30 p.m. on November 30.

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