Concerns raised over new shorter campaign periods in B.C. municipal elections

The nomination deadline for next month’s B.C. civic elections is Friday, September 14th at 4 p.m. Submitted

With the upcoming campaign period nearly half what it was last time, there is concern voters won’t be ready – or even aware – when municipal election day rolls around in British Columbia.

Andrew Watson with Elections BC says unlike with provincial elections, its role is limited

“The public awareness advertising that we conduct is focused on our role at the local level which is administering campaign financing and advertising rules that fall under the financing and campaign act.”

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“That includes province-wide advertisements in newspapers online and social media – the focus of those ads is only on our mandate at the local level which is administering the campaign advertising and finance rules.”

This is the first election with new finance rules banning corporate and union donations.

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The campaign period this time is also shorter than in 2014.

Starting September 22nd this cycle is 29 days long, last time it was 47 days.

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