CAQ leader announces ‘party’s most important healthcare commitment’

Click to play video: 'The CAQ announces the ‘party’s most important healthcare commitment’ amid political storm'
The CAQ announces the ‘party’s most important healthcare commitment’ amid political storm
WATCH ABOVE: After taking a day off from the campaign trail, poll-leading CAQ leader François Legault was busy on the campaign trail making a big health care promise in Vaudreuil. At the same time, his star candidate, former Montreal police officer Ian Lafrenière was on the defensive. Global's Dan Spector explains – Sep 2, 2018

Poll-leading CAQ leader François Legault’s election bus stopped in Vaudreuil to make what he called “his party’s most important healthcare commitment”.

Legault said that if the CAQ is elected, every Quebecer will have access to either a family doctor or a super nurse within 36 hours.

WATCH: Quebec election campaign kicks off

Click to play video: 'Quebec election campaign kicks off'
Quebec election campaign kicks off

How do you do that? To Legault, the key is how the government pays doctors.

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“For now, most of the amount we pay them is per volume. We think it must be per patient,” Legault explained. “Then, they would have the incentive to delegate acts to nurses, do some over the phone and avoid sending more than half of the patients in emergency rooms in hospitals.”

CAQ candidate Danielle McCann — an experienced manager in the health system herself — said doctors will not be overburdened because they would be able to delegate tasks to super nurses and pharmacists.

“They will have all the time to see all those patients because they will be focused on what they train for with their expertise,” McCann added.

Being in Vaudreuil, Legault also took the opportunity to attack the Liberals for the planned Vaudreuil hospital and the fact that construction is only set to begin in 2022, with completion anticipated in 2026.

“They haven’t pushed for this hospital and its unacceptable that the work has not even started yet,” Legault said.



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