Another stunning mural finished in Edmonton by Spanish street art duo

Click to play video: 'Latest Edmonton street art mural complete'
Latest Edmonton street art mural complete
WATCH: Standing four storeys tall and 36 metres wide, Edmonton's most recent street art mural was finished over the weekend. It was created by Spanish graffiti artists PichiAvo – Aug 28, 2018

What was once a large blank wall in downtown Edmonton is now a colourful work of art, thanks to Spanish street artist duo PichiAvo.

Over the weekend, the pair completed what is now Edmonton’s largest mural, located on 106 Street and 103 Avenue.

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“I loved it from the word go. It’s cool, something different,” said Shane Grant, whose salon Biondi Hair, operates out of the Jefferson Lofts building. “It was a white wall and that was it.

“Now… it just makes it really interesting. I can say to people, ‘Yeah, I’m on 106 Street and I’m in the building with the mural. You can’t miss it.’

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The mural stands four storeys tall and 36 metres wide.

“I think they spent three weeks on it,” Grant said. “They were really working hard… It was a lot of work, a lot of work. They’re artists.”

PichiAvo was commissioned by the Rust Magic Street Art Festival and used crowdfunding to pay for the project.

Their style is described as performative and collaborative, the “deconstruction of classic art and contemporary urban art, in order to create a new fusion.”

“I think we’re giving a new value to graffiti,” PichiAvo told Global News.

“Back in the day, graffiti was [known as] bad, illegal, all that stuff. We’re bringing the new value to the graffiti and we’re giving another value to the classical art.”

The festival wants to complete 10 new street art murals in Edmonton this summer.

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Crowdfunding also helped bring renowned Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel to Edmonton to paint a six-storey mural in Old Strathcona earlier this summer.

“It’s like a mix between geometric language with different patterns,” San Miguel said of the mural and of his approach in general. “Digital parts with organic parts… something like that.”

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“Okuda and PichiAvo know each other, so Okuda put in a good word for us because he had such a good time [in Edmonton],” said Annaliza Toledo, with Rust Magic International Street Mural Festival.
“[PichiAvo] are renowned for mixing classic imagery with really modern style. It’s very impressive work and we’re so excited to bring them to Edmonton.”

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