Heavyweight boxer loses bout by leaving ring immediately after fight begins

Click to play video: 'Heavyweight boxer Curtis Harper walks out of the ring one second into his bout against Efe Ajagba' Heavyweight boxer Curtis Harper walks out of the ring one second into his bout against Efe Ajagba
Curtis Harper walked out of the ring Friday, reportedly because he believed he wasn't getting paid enough for the fight – Aug 26, 2018

Normally, boxing matches end in one of three ways: a knockout, a technical knockout or a judges’ decision. On Friday night, one heavyweight boxer decided to end the match before it ever really began.

Heavyweight boxer Curtis Harper was scheduled to fight Efe Ajagba in Minnesota. But before anybody threw a punch, Harper climbed through the ropes and back to his locker room. The boxer did not return to the ring, and Ajagba was awarded a victory due to disqualification.

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According to PBC commentator Jordan Hardy, who spoke to Harper after the bout, the boxer walked out in protest because he believed he was not getting paid enough for the fight.

“He’s not getting paid enough and he wants respect,” said Hardy.

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In an interview with BBC Sport, Leon Margules, the promoter for the fight, said Harper made no money at all as a result of the disqualification.

“He signed a contract and agreed to the fight,” Margules told the BBC. “First time we heard about money issues was after he left the ring. He weighed in and showed up on time and even touched gloves before the bell. It is strange.”

The Minnesota Combative Sports Commission has yet to release a statement about the walkout so there has been no determination on whether Harper will face fines or a suspension for his actions.

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