New Brunswick election: New Maryland-Sunbury

Riding background

A mixture of suburban and rural communities, this riding sits primarily outside of Fredericton.


Liberal: Alex Scholten

Progressive Conservative: Jeff Carr (incumbent)

NDP: Mackenzie Thomason

  • 21-year-old, first got involved with politics during the 2015 federal election

Green: Jenica Atwin

People’s Alliance: Morris Shannon

KISS N.B. Danelle Titus



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The 2013 redistricting saw a slight change for New Maryland-Sunbury West, which took in much of the southern portion of Sunbury County. As a result its name was changed to New Maryland-Sunbury.

Incumbent Tory candidate Jack Carr chose not to reoffer in the 2014 election. Instead, his elder brother Jeff Carr ran for the seat.

Jeff Carr won, taking 41 per cent of the vote, defeating Liberal and NDP challengers who earned 31 per cent and 21.6 per cent of the vote, respectively.


The district of New Maryland-Sunbury West has voted PC consistently since 1999 and the 2010 election was no different.

Incumbent Jack Carr, who won the seat in a 2008 by-election, once again took riding. He earned 63.6 per cent of the vote in the 2010 election.