Portable battery explodes on Ryanair flight, prompts evacuation

Click to play video: 'Portable battery explodes on Ryanair flight' Portable battery explodes on Ryanair flight
WATCH: Passenger catches moment portable battery catches fire on plane, prior to take off. – Aug 1, 2018

A passenger on a Ryanair flight recorded video of the moment a portable battery pack charging a cell phone caught on fire, which led to the evacuation of travellers on Tuesday.

The flight was supposed to take off from Barcelona and land in Ibiza.

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“The passengers of a flight from Barcelona to Ibiza were evacuated in an emergency at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport because of a fire in a mobile phone that was being charged with an external battery,” an online statement from Ryanair said.

Anthony Carrio, the passenger who caught the incident on camera while the plane was still parked on the runway, said on his Instagram account that the “charger blew up in the same row” as he was sitting.

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Thanks to some quick thinking, the fire was put out by Carrio, after he poured water to extinguish the small fire.

In addition to the flaming charger, Carrio also posted video of him sliding down the emergency exit of the plane.

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Emergency exits are pretty fun when there’s not a real emergency, he added.

As for portable electronic devices, the Government of Canada says one should be aware of their power sources when packing them for a trip. For example, spare batteries must be carried in the carry-in baggage. Different airlines have restrictions of their own and travellers should always make sure to check with the specific airline prior to departure for the airport.

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