‘Brandraising, not fundraising’: creative professionals donate services to Canadian charities

Photo Courtesy Brandvan. Keith Jones

Two creative professionals in Toronto are packing a vehicle with technology and expertise to make a “mobile content studio,” and putting its wheels in motion across the country to donate their services to Canadian charities and non-profit groups this fall.

“The goal is to make Canada the global leader in the socially-responsible, purpose-driven sector,” said Keith Jones, co-founder of the Brandvan program.

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As part of the effort, Jones and partner Vickie Hsieh will donate their marketing, culture and creative expertise to 13 Canadian organizations such as non-profits, charities or social impact organizations when they hit the road at the start of September.

Jones said they’re not trying to raise money for these groups.

“A lot of times, these organizations are stretched so thin that they think they need more money, and it’s true, they do,” he said.

But there are other ways to support them — like helping them tell their stories through video or cleanly-packaged websites.

“They’re going to sell themselves a little bit better and they’re going to create more awareness around it.”

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Brandvan will connect creative professionals and corporations with groups promoting social good in an effort to elevate them through creativity and storytelling.

“Help you build your brand, tell your story, to make you feel more professional so you can go out and get those dollars yourself,” Jones said.

“So it’s elevating their brand helping them tell their story and communicating at a better more professional level.”

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Jones said the Brandvan website has been launched and is now accepting submissions from charities, creatives, and businesses.

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