Registration for London’s municipal election closes

The new measures include mandatory rapid testing at least twice a week for those who are working, but not vaccinated. Matthew Trevithick / Global News

The deadline has now passed to register in the upcoming municipal election in London, with a few last-minute entries raising some eyebrows.

Stephen Orser has withdrawn from the mayoral race, and will attempt to win back the Ward 4 seat he lost to Jesse Helmer in 2014.

Paul Van Meerbergen, another member of the so-called Fontana 8, has filed his papers to run in Ward 10 against incumbent Virginia Ridley.

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Meantime, despite efforts to get more women on the ballot, the numbers are actually down slightly when compared to 2014, with only 23 per cent of candidates running for council or mayor being women.

Here is a full list of candidates running for the municipal election, set for Oct. 22:

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Mayoral Candidates – Ed Holder, Tanya Park, Paul Paolatto, Paul Cheng, Vahide Bahramporian, Ali Hamadi, Dan Lenart, Nina McCutcheon, David Millie, Jordan Minter, Mohamed Moussa, Carlos Murray, Sean M. O’Connell and Jonas White.

Ward 1 – Incumbent Michael van Holst, Melanie O’Brien and Bud Polhill.

Ward 2 – Incumbent Bill Armstrong, Alan Jackson, and Shawn Lewis.

Ward 3 – Incumbent Mohamed Salih and Harry Prince.

Ward 4 – Incumbent Jesse Helmer, Stephen Orser, Connor Garrett, Xuemei Jiang, and Tricia Lystar.

Ward 5 – Incumbent Maureen Cassidy, Shiv Chokhani, Shane Clarke, Charles Knott, Stephanie Marentette Di Battista and Randy Warden.

Ward 6 – Incumbent Philip Squire and Mike Bloxam.

Ward 7 – Incumbent Josh Morgan and Joe Kolenko.

Ward 8 – Matt Reid, Steve Lehman, Tariq Khan, Moon Inthavong, Morena Hernandez, Nour Hamid, Matthew Greer, Bill Downie and Osam Ali.

Ward 9 – Incumbent Anna Hopkins, Matt Millar, Kyle Thompson, Veronica Marie Warner and Ben Charlebois.

Ward 10 – Incumbent Virginia Ridley, Paul Van Meerbergen, Thomas Risley, Kevin May and Gary Manley.

Ward 11 – Incumbent Stephen Turner, Paul-Michael Anderson, Eric H. Deleeuw, Menno Meijer, Rachel Powell and Vicki Van Linden.

Ward 12 – Elizabeth Peloza, Eric Weniger, Rowa Mohamed, Faisal Mahmood, Jesse Haidar and Gord Evans.

Ward 13 – Ben Benedict, John Fyfe-Millar, Jonathan Hughes, Arielle Kayabaga, David Lundquist, Rod Morley, Gil Warren and Kevin Wilbee.

Ward 14 – Incumbent Jared Zaifman, Steven Hillier, Annette Swalwell and Allan Tipping.

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