Russia continues to sow discord in U.S., according to FBI director

Trump contradicts U.S. intelligence officials on Russia – again
WATCH ABOVE: Trump contradicts U.S. intelligence officials on Russia - again

FBI Director Christopher Wray says Russian President Vladimir Putin has a view about what happened during the 2016 presidential election, but he’s got his own.

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Wray said Wednesday at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado that his view has not changed and he stands behind the intelligence agencies’ assessment that Moscow meddled in the election. And he says Russia continues malign activities to sow discord in America.

He says Russia continues through fake news and propaganda to “spin up” Americans on either side of hot-button issues.

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He also dismissed Putin’s proposal to have Russian authorities aid in the investigation into the 12 Russian military intelligence officials indicted recently in connection with the election interference.

Wray says Putin’s offer is “not high on our list of investigative techniques.”