Port of Halifax shifts schedule as Hurricane Chris approaches

Global News

The Halifax Port Authority has been forced to shift its schedule a bit as Hurricane Chris tracked off the coast of Nova Scotia.

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Port of Halifax spokesperson Rebecca Bruce told Global News that the Grandeaur of the Seas was forced to change its schedule, arriving in Halifax on Tuesday rather than Wednesday.

Several other cruise ships, including the Maasdam, were considering making schedule changes ahead of the storm’s arrival, but instead reverted to original schedules as the storm progressed.

When it comes to cargo, the port authority says the Bilbao Bridge was originally scheduled to arrive at 5 a.m. Friday, but changed the schedule for a 5 p.m. estimated time of arrival.

“Otherwise, a few of the supply ships that dock at Pier 9 (servicing offshore platforms) were required to stay onsite, or depart early as result of offshore operations,” Bruce told Global News Thursday morning in a statement.

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Environment Canada said Wednesday the storm will steer clear of Nova Scotia and will veer towards Newfoundland, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the province’s eastern regions.

Offshore oil workers were removed from platforms Wednesday as the hurricane approached.

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