Brock Mission homeless shelter project ‘back to the drawing board’

Click to play video: 'Construction of Peterborough’s new men’s shelter is delayed.' Construction of Peterborough’s new men’s shelter is delayed.
The new Brock Mission shelter for homeless men in Peterborough has been dealt a setback because of a 45 per cent cost overun – Jul 10, 2018

For clients like Daniel, the Brock Mission’s men’s shelter in downtown Peterborough is a place of necessity.

“It provides a bed, provides food, provides showers — things that are necessary for daily living,” he said.

Daniel (who did not give his last name) has been in and out of the old Brock Mission for 10 years.

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Now clean of his addictions, he’s considering a return to school. But in the meantime, the shelter has been a place of refuge.

“It’s a great resource for people who are homeless and people who have been caught unaware,” he said.

The city estimates there are around 50 men with no place to live. The decrepit building on Murray Street was their home until it was razed last November.

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St. Paul’s Church is now their temporary home, but it was recently purchased by a developer.

“I am sure that individual has a heart and will certainly not put out our men in the dead of winter,” said Coun. Lesley Parnell.

Construction of the new 30-bed, 15-rental room unit was to start next month.

But a 45 per cent cost overrun saw council put the brakes on that on Monday night.

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City CAO Sandra Clancy says it’s back to the drawing board for the architect before the project is re-tendered in the fall.

“We’ve had a quick look at the design and the finishes, the specs, and we believe we can talk to the architect and narrow that down and reduce the funding,” she said.

Fundraising also continues to support the project.

“That is a critical piece of this puzzle,” Parnell said. “We have to continue the fundraising. Brock mission needs to raise a million dollars.”

There are two shelters for women and kids in the city, just the one for men.

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Daniel says without the shelter, the risks increase.

“We’d find a lot of homeless men on the street, more trouble, you know what I mean?”

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