Greyhound route cancellations worry Manitoba business owner

A Manitoba business owner is trying to figure out a new way to move parcels after Greyhound announced it is shutting down virtually all of its routes in Western Canada. Joe Scarpelli reports.

A rural Manitoba business owner is scrambling to come up with a new way to move parcels after Greyhound announced it’s shutting down virtually all of its routes in Western Canada.

Leonard Boschman, the owner of Fourway Motors in MacGregor, Man., said Greyhound has been the quickest, and often cheapest, way to move parts and supplies.

He said he ships and receives up to 30 parcels a day.

“We don’t have the options like the city where you get parts delivered multiple times a day,” he said.

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Boschman said he orders and delivers parts across Canada, usually using Greyhound because of its price and speedy delivery times.

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He said he did some price comparisons Tuesday morning and wasn’t happy with what he found.

“Some stuff out of Regina, let’s say, it costs us $17 for freight. Other companies that I quickly did some math on and a couple quick calls was $48.”

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Valorie Unrau, the CAO for the rural municipality, said Boschman is not alone. She believes many in the community west of Winnipeg will be impacted.

“There are seniors or students or many people who maybe grab the bus to head into the city,” Unrau said.

“Students go to university and they all transport back and forth on the bus.”

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Boschman said he hopes to absorb some small shipping fees, but said the more expensive costs will likely have to be passed on to his customers.

“There will be some explaining to do, but we’ll have to live with that I guess.”

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