Heat wave straining Peterborough air conditioner service companies

Heat wave straining Peterborough air conditioner service companies
The extreme heat can not only take a toll on your air conditioner, but also your car battery.

The owner of Merrett Home Hardware in Peterborough, Drew Merret, says he normally sells out his air conditioners in mid-August, but not this year.

“Air conditioners flew off the shelves the last week so we have nothing in stock right now,” Merrett said.

At Peterborough Refrigeration, owner Gord Conroy says people calling his business face a three-day wait for service calls.

Conroy says a lot of air conditioner issues could be avoided if people performed regular maintenance on their units. Conroy air conditioners need to be cleaned regularly.

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HIgh temperatures and humidity can also lead cars to break down due to overheating, according to the Canadian Automobile Association.

“Extreme heat can have the same adverse affects to your batteries as extreme cold. For example in really hot temperatures the water in the battery can evaporate, draining the car battery about 30 per cent more than usual,” Tony Tsai, a spokesperson for CAA South Central Ontario.

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The CAA suggests these car care tips during the summer:

  • Clean the top of your car battery and the connections to prevent discharge.
  • Flush your cooling system with fresh coolant periodically — because it can deteriorate over time and can become acidic. The acidity can eat away at hoses and seals and can overheat your engine
  • Have your air conditioning system inspected by a certified technician — because if it’s not giving off cold air as it once did, it might mean the refrigerant level is low.

Some more advice, if you experience a power outage, or an air conditioner is not available is to stay on the lowest floor of your home, keep the drapes closed to block out the sun, and make meals that don’t require using an oven.

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Drew Merrett has this advice if you’re looking to get your hands on an AC unit.

“I can’t get anything until probably mid-January, so if anybody wants one they can get a rain check for mid-January,” said Merrett.