Renovations begin to make injured Humboldt Bronco’s home accessible

Volunteers renovate Humboldt Broncos crash survivor’s home
Renovations will soon begin to make the home of injured Humboldt Broncos hockey player Ryan Straschnitzki more wheelchair-accessible.

Michelle Straschnitzki never thought she’d be the one putting a hole in one of their basement walls with a sledgehammer.

It’s the start of work that will create a new accessible suite for her son Ryan, one of the Humboldt Broncos players.

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“To have him here will be amazing and wonderful,” Michelle told Global News from her home in Airdrie, Alta.

“But it will also be a full-time task.”

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Ryan has been in Philadelphia receiving treatment and training after he was paralyzed in the crash.

The 19-year-old is so determined, he’s sped through the program three weeks faster than doctors had predicted.

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“They think that he’s possibly going to be alright to come home late next week.”

However, the stairs, the bathroom, and Ryan’s old room won’t do.

That is why family friend TJ Stewart is heading up the renovation.

Contracters, suppliers and strangers are starting to come forward to help cover the construction costs; estimated to be about $200,000.

“For me, it’s not just about Ryan; it’s about the whole family,” Steward said.

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“It’s great that people come together for all these players but sometimes the rest of the family gets lost in this.”

Stewart doesn’t want to touch any of the GoFundMe donations Ryan received, so he’s started fundraising by accepting donations via email at

The Straschnitzki family, including Ryan, will live in a local hotel until the work is complete. It’s hoped that could be done in three months.

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They all hope it will also making Ryan feel at home as he begins the next stage of his recovery.

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“I think it will be very mentally good,” Michelle said.

WATCH: Volunteers renovate Humboldt Broncos crash survivor’s home

Volunteers renovate Humboldt Broncos crash survivor’s home
Volunteers renovate Humboldt Broncos crash survivor’s home

“He’ll have the support of his friends and family around, of course.”