Ideas pour in for the development of Edmonton’s Exhibition Lands

Conceptual design showing retail and restaurant space at Northlands. Courtesy, Northlands

There are no shortage of ideas on how the City of Edmonton should redevelop the Exhibition Lands.

On Thursday night, Edmontonians had an opportunity to provide their input regarding what should be done with the land during a public session.

During that session, the public reviewed the 100 redevelopment ideas submitted, which have been grouped into common themes.

Feedback will then be used by the city’s project team to help determine a redevelopment plan.

“In this phase of the plan we’re looking at the ideas we’ve collected and how those ideas might begin to be conceptualized into a plan,” Lyall Brenneis said. “We’re building scenarios.”

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The team will look at the feasibility of those ideas and how they fit with the city’s priorities before determining a final plan.

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Brenneis said the project team has been open to a variety of ideas.

“There are clusters of themes around mixed-use housing, taking advantage of the site’s proximity to transportation like LRT and the transit station and the great access roads, its proximity to Borden Park,” he said. “Borden Park is seen as a real strong asset to the site.”

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With the redevelopment process underway, Edmontonians have been wondering what will happen with K-Days.

Northlands has signed an agreement with the city to run K-Days and Farmfair on the site for at least the next five years.

“As long as both organizations are happy with how it’s going, it could extend up until 10 years,” Brenneis said.

“There may be portions of the site, if the plan resonates well with community, resonates well with business, that may begin to be developed and there may be adjustments that are required.”

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The hope is to bring a final redevelopment plan to city council during the first quarter of 2019.