Alberta Birds of Prey Centre opens new Owl Amphitheatre

Owl Amphitheater at Alberta Birds of Prey Centre. Global News

The Alberta Birds of Prey Centre in Coaldale unveiled a new addition to their space today.

The Fortis Alberta Owl Amphitheater is now up and running at Canada’s largest birds of prey facility.

As continued supporters, Fortis Alberta presented a $50,000 annual sponsorship cheque to the facility Tuesday.

“The prey centre was just looking for a little more functional to support presentations to the public, and we’re proud to be part of it,” said vice president of Customer Service at FortisAlberta, Todd Dettling.

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Able to seat up to 100 people, the theater will primarily be used for visiting school groups as they learn about owls.

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The $225,000 owl amphitheater is the largest major addition to the centre.

Staff say it’ll provide many diverse benefits to the facility and act like a giant umbrella for visitors and the owls.

“A structure like this is really, really important for us simply because the barn owls and others are very intolerant of heat,” said director of Alberta Birds of Prey Centre, Colin Weir. “So on very hot summer days they have to be kept in an area where it’s quite cool.”

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