June 14, 2018 8:02 pm
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‘The car was plastered’: Lumby man believes human waste fell from a plane

Watch Above: Extended clips from an interview with Josh Patton. The north Okanagan resident describes what he found on his car on Monday morning and why he reported it to Transport Canada.


A North Okanagan man is speaking out about the mess that was left on his vehicle. He believes human waste fell onto his car from a passing plane and has reported the incident to Transport Canada.

However, the national organization says it has concluded “reports of substances falling on vehicles in British Columbia…are not aviation related.”

On Monday morning, Josh Patton walked outside of his Lumby area home to find half his car covered in gunk that wasn’t there the night before.

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The Hurt Road resident believes the substance was lavatory waste from a plane.

“The car was plastered with what looked like mud at first and then I got closer and you could smell it pretty quickly. [I] got a little closer to inspect. It was definitely not mud, and it wasn’t bird poop,” Patton said.

“I do believe it was waste from a plane that fell down. I mean it plastered the car pretty good.”

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Patton said he had to wash his car three times to remove the substance. He doesn’t like the idea of the substance falling on his property.

“It’s a little disconcerting,” Patton said.

“We are trying to grow some food…and it is pretty gross if it is human waste falling on food.”

He reported the incident to Transport Canada.

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“I would like them to find out what happened,” Patton said.

“I would like them to find out what air operator is doing this and if there is a problem with the planes, get them fixed so it doesn’t keep happening.”

Patton’s report comes on the heels of a similar incident experienced by a Kelowna woman in May.

Susan Allen told Global News she was stopped at a red light in Kelowna when her “car was inundated with liquid poo falling from the sky.”

However, the Kelowna International Airport said there were “no aircraft in the vicinity” at the time of Allen’s report.

A Kelowna man who lives on Ufton Court has also reported finding his car covered in feces.

When contacted about the string of similar incidents, including Patton’s, Transport Canada released a statement which said the incidents were not aviation related.

“In response to recent reports of substances falling on vehicles in British Columbia, Transport Canada reviewed specific details of the incidents provided by members of the public, assessed local radar data and followed up with aircraft operators and local airports. The department’s review has concluded that these incidents do not meet the description of blue ice and are therefore not aviation related (i.e. the substance did not come from passing aircraft),” Transport Canada spokesperson Marie-Anyk Côté said in a statement.

“Blue ice incidents are very rare and distinct due to their blue colour. The blue colour comes from the blue disinfectant that is added to the human waste from lavatories in the aircraft waste holding tanks.”

– with files from Jules Knox, Kelly Hayes and Kimberly Davidson

Watch Below: What is the strange smelly substance covering cars in our area? It appears to be human waste, and it seems to be falling from the sky. Global Okanagan first brought you the story last month when it happened to a Kelowna woman. Now a north Okanagan man says the same thing happened to him. However, as Megan Turcato reports, Transport Canada says we can stop blaming low flying aircraft.

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