Manitoba government defending decision to ban homegrown pot

The Manitoba government has said they will restrict home-grown marijuana, and are sticking to that decision, no matter what the federal government decides. GETTY IMAGES

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative government said it will plow ahead with plans to ban homegrown marijuana, regardless of what the federal government decides.

Justice Minister Heather Stefanson said the authority to regulate home cultivation falls under provincial jurisdiction and Manitoba will defend that right if need be.

A bill now before Parliament would allow people to grow up to four plants in their homes once recreational use of cannabis is legalized later this year.

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The Senate recently amended the bill to specify that provinces can ban homegrown pot, but the federal government has rejected that amendment along with a dozen or so other proposed changes.

Manitoba and Quebec have made it clear they want to restrict homegrown marijuana.

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With the bill now heading back to the House of Commons, Stefanson said Manitoba has no intention of letting the federal government set the rules.

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