Family finally hears Lisa Dudley’s final words at coroner’s inquest nearly 10 years after her death

Click to play video: 'Lisa Dudley inquest goes to jury' Lisa Dudley inquest goes to jury
A coroner's jury is now tasked with making recommendations in the death of Lisa Dudley, who bled to death after a shooting even though police had been called to the crime scene. Nadia Stewart reports – Jun 13, 2018

On the second day of a long-awaited coroner’s inquest into the death of Lisa Dudley, a paramedic finally shared what the 37-year-old woman’s final words were.

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Paramedic Peter Smith broke down at the stand as he shared that Dudley wanted him to let her parents know that she was sorry for what happened and that she loved her mother.

Dudley’s mother cried when she heard what her daughter’s last words were, nearly 10 years after her passing.

Remaining silent was clearly upsetting for Smith over the years but he was instructed not to speak of the case.

Dudley’s stepdad is frustrated with the process, saying it’s unfair the family had to wait this long to hear those words.

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“I think it was a gross injustice… This is wrong, something went wrong here. Something is wrong in the policy,” Dudley’s stepdad Mark Surakka told Global News.

“Why couldn’t the paramedics have said things to us 10 years ago? What was the hold? Tell me. Those are the things that are familial, those are the things that hold you together… I mean, my goodness… what had that to do with a murder investigation? Tell me, what did it?”

Dudley and her partner Guthrie McKay were shot in their Mission home in 2008 in a dispute over a marijuana grow-op in their home.

McKay’s body was found four days later by a neighbour; Dudley was paralyzed and bleeding; she died in hospital.

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Questions remain about the RCMP’s response to the incident. There are allegations that officers, who went to the scene but didn’t get out of their vehicles to check on the house or speak to neighbours, failed to investigate properly following 911 calls.

One of the officers, who responded to Dudley’s home, testified that Dudley was responsive but it was hard for her to speak because of her injuries, adding that she would blink if the answer to a question asked was a ‘yes.’
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Dudley blinked when asked if it was a single shooter, if it was a male and if he was Caucasian, the officer said, adding Dudley whispered, “It was scary when he came through the door.”
“The thing that I found that underpins this whole process is the decade it could take to get a coroner’s inquest and that these things were revealed today couldn’t have been told to our family 10 years ago. Why is it that we had to wait this long?” Surakka said.
Surakka said the family never questioned the quality of care Dudley received while in the hands of paramedics.
The inquest wraps up on Wednesday.
— With files from Jeremy Lye and Estefania DuranWATCH: Emotional first day in long-awaited inquest into Lisa Dudley’s death
Click to play video: 'Emotional first day in long-awaited inquest into Lisa Dudley’s death' Emotional first day in long-awaited inquest into Lisa Dudley’s death
Emotional first day in long-awaited inquest into Lisa Dudley’s death – Jun 11, 2018

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