Convicted letter bomber fires lawyer, plans to appeal verdict

Guido Amsel fired his lawyers and wants to appeal the guilty verdict. File / Global News

Convicted letter bomber Guido Amsel needs a new lawyer.

Amsel discharged his current legal counsel Wednesday afternoon, and said he wants to appeal the guilty verdict.

Judge Tracey Lord found Amsel guilty on four of five counts of attempted murder on May 17.

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Crown prosecutors said they are concerned with a potential delay in the case now that Amsel is without legal counsel, since it has been nearly three years since the letter bombs were sent.

The initial dates offered for Amsel’s sentencing hearings were in August and September, and the Crown does not want to see those options pushed back.

Amsel said he has contacted other lawyers, but was told some see it as a conflict of interest given two of the bombs sent in 2015 were sent to law firms.

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He is now trying to get a lawyer from outside the province.

All parties will meet in early July to get an update on the state of Amsel’s hunt for a new lawyer before sentencing can proceed.

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