New Edmonton research centre focuses on women’s health

The Lois Hole Hospital Women's Research Centre opens in Edmonton. Lois Hole Hospital, Credit

A new research centre is opening at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.

The centre will focus on a broad spectrum of health issues that affect women and the different stages of women’s lives. It will also allow patients to easily participate in research without affecting their daily treatment at the hospital.

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Sandra Davidge, Women and Children’s Health Research Institute executive director, said the new facility is important because women have unique health needs.

“We have research continuing in this hospital, the research is what provides the best evidence for care, but having dedicated research space will allow for greater opportunities for women to be involved in the research projects that are currently being held here,” she said.

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Davidge said while research is already being conducted at the Lois Hole Hospital, the new space will make a significant different in capacity.

“It just will make research a lot easier, more accessible for people, including outpatients, to come here and more capacity to do research here.”

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The partnership between the University of Alberta, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and Alberta Health Services has been instrumental in making the venture possible.

“These partnerships are critical. The partnerships between the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services allows for the best research being done by our university professors in the setting of Alberta Health Services,” Davidge said.

“At the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute, this partnership has the researchers there doing the research that’s going to have an impact on healthcare for women in our community.”

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women consolidates specialized services for women under one roof. Patients can receive obstetrical and maternal care and offers surgical treatment of ovarian, cervical and other gynecological cancers.

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The hospital also offers clinical-based, innovative mental health research.

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The Lois Hole Hospital opened in April 2010.


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