Calgary Stampede 2018: New food to hit the midway

New foods coming to the 2018 Calgary Stampede Midway
Midway operations manager James Radke joins Global News Morning Calgary with details on the new foods coming to the 2018 Calgary Stampede.

Editor’s note: The Stampede had originally stated that the Kangaroo Burger had never been served outside of Australia however it has been clarified that Kangaroo Burgers have been served elsewhere in Canada.  

The Calgary Stampede has released a sneak peek of some of the new foods visitors can sample at this year’s “greatest outdoor show on earth.”

There will be 50 new dishes in total served on the midway, including Mexican street corn and sushi doughnuts.

“We try to create a great list for everybody, something that creates an emotional response in you,” said James Radke, the Stampede’s midway operations manager. “Whether it’s positive or negative…we try really hard to have something for everyone.”

And yes, the bugs are back, Radke said.

“We’re looking more and more at alternative foods and diversifying our foods, and [the] crickets are back,” he said.
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WATCH: Global Calgary’s community reporter Deb Matejicka taste tests some of the new food available at the 2018 Calgary Stampede.

Global’s Deb Matejicka taste tests new Calgary Stampede food
Global’s Deb Matejicka taste tests new Calgary Stampede food

New food at the 2018 Calgary Stampede:

Cricket Grilled Cheese

The Stampede dares guests to add a little crunch to their meal with this spin on the classic grilled cheese sandwich.

Pop Rocks Mini Doughnuts

Enjoy traditional mini doughnuts with a twist. Covered in a vanilla glaze with powdered sugar and topped with pop rocks for an extra punch.

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The Hangover Mac & Cheese

The perfect pick-me-up after a late night at the Stampede is this macaroni and cheese with blended beer and topped off with chips and pretzels.

Prairie Oyster Balls

This interesting dessert includes a bed of mini doughnut bear balls topped with bull testicles and homemade blueberry compote. The dish is finished off with a dollop of whipped cream and crushed nuts.

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Cheesy Chicken Hearts

With a little bit of spice, a crunchy outside and a soft, cheesy inside, the Stampede dares its guest to give this snack a try.

Wine & Cheese

This isn’t your average wine and cheese. Wine infused cake bites are paired with fried cheese curds and wine jelly for dipping.

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This Tokyo-inspired treat is perfect on a hot day walking around the midway. A piece of watermelon filled with watermelon ice cream.

Cricket Caramel Apple

Adding crickets to your traditional caramel apple is a new way to get some protein in, according to the Calgary Stampede. The crickets are honey flavoured and roasted in the oven for an extra crunch.

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Giant Squid on a Stick

With a mixture of flour and spices and then deep fried try this crunchy Calamari upgrade.

Chimney Cones

This unique ice cream cone is rolled by hand and coated with cinnamon sugar before its filled with soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

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Mexican-style Street Corn

Enjoy this roasted corn on the cob covered in a mixture of cheese, chilli powder, garlic and cilantro served with a lime wedge.

Bibimbap Poutine

An all-beef hot dog topped with vegetables including shiitake mushrooms, zucchini and spinach. The dish is finished off with a fried egg and Korean spices.

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Oreo Creamsicle Delight

Sip on an orange creamsicle smoothie served out of a large orange with whipped cream and sprinkled Oreos on top.

Kit Kat Fries

Split into sticks and deep fried, it is both a sweet and simple dessert, according to the Stampede.

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Buffalo Chicken Perogies

Spicy mini perogies topped up with grilled chicken tossed in hot sauce, sauteed onions, creamy ranch dressing and green onions. They are served with a side of sour cream to offset the spice.

Sushi Doughnut

A sushi roll shaped like a doughnut with layers of smoked salmon, masago, pickled radish, sesame seeds and avocado mayonnaise.

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Flaming Hot Cheeto Bowls

A bowl of spicy Cheetos topped with sweet corn and hot cheese sauce. The dish comes with a dollop of sour cream to cool down the heat.

Kangaroo Pizza

This pizza starts with a signature crust topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, organic basil, banana peppers and locally grown mushrooms. It is finished off with cured kangaroo sausage to bring new flavour to the midway.

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Stampede-sized Meatball

This massive one pound meatball is stuffed with mozzarella cheese and Nona’s secret tomato sauce.

Red Velvet Corndog

A twist on the classic fair food will be here for Stampede only. A corndog coated in red velvet batter and then deep fried.

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Goat’s Head Soup

Traditionally known in Jamaican culture as Manish Water, this soup is said to heighten your senses. It is packed with tripe, dumplings, carrots and yams all in a goat’s head broth.

Foot-long Hotdog Grilled Cheese

This foot-long all-beef hotdog is baked between a bun and covered in four different kinds of cheese.

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Beef and Chicken Pho-ritos

A combination of two classic meals in one. Enjoy a burrito full of everything that would traditionally be served in a bowl of Vietnamese pho. Choose chicken or beef soaked in a slightly spicy secret pho sauce with rice noodles, crispy bean sprouts, cilantro and a hint of sriracha wrapped up in a tortilla.

Kangaroo Stuffed Burger

This burger is stuffed with kangaroo meat and served on a bun with everyone’s favourite fixings. According to the Stampede, this is the first time a kangaroo burger has been served outside of Australia and was made especially for the festivities.

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Banana Corndog

This dessert includes a fresh banana dipped in a homemade batter and served with powdered sugar and chocolate drizzle.

To see the full list of stampede treats visit the Calgary Stampede website. The 2018 Calgary Stampede takes place from July 6 to 15.